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Kmutes of the adjourned portion of the October 23, 1939, <br />meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, held in Grange Ea11 on November 3, 1939, at 8.00 o'clock p& <br />The meeting Tias called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />calxed and all members of the Council were present, <br />Recorder Eoore submitted blue print dravings of a proposed <br />Tool Hause for housing and repairing Village Road and Bridge equipment with an addition separated by a fire %all which <br />night be rented to School District No. 17 for school bussesb After examination and sthdy by the Couacil and others, it mas maxed by Haltere, that the Recorder submit same to ";JPA on behalf <br />of the Village Gauncil as a project for approval, seconded by <br />Willson and carried. I <br />Letter from Phelps-Drake Company vas read advisfag %hati they <br />were nithdrawing its bid suhitted under date of October 23s <br />1939, for digging of sewer ditches and requesting return of <br />crertif ied checks, After discussion it pias moved by Billson <br />that the requests be grapt;Bd, seconded by Holten and carried, <br />Recorder advised the Cauncil that as work in two places would start in the construction of Intersepting Sewer, that an add- . <br />itioaal inspecter would be needed on behalf of the Village and recommended Er Gerald XcCTourtney, 405'7 Bryant Avenue, North, <br />as one competent to supervise such work, Trustee Holten <br />thereupon moved that Xr Gerald UcCourtney be emgaged on a month <br />to month basis @ $150.00 per month, seconded. by Gt'illsaxr and carried, <br />Petition was received from Joseph E. Schanfeld, President of <br />Adath Peshurun Cemetery Asqociation, omer of South Bend ,Addition <br />and Adath Yeshurun Cemetery, asking that South Bend Avenue, as platted in said South Bend Addition, running from the East line <br />of Prance Avenue to the East line of said South Bend Addition, <br />he vacated. mereupon Noore moved that the petition be received and due posted and published notice be given for the hearing upon said petition to vacate South Bend Avenue at the regular meetirtg of the Council to be held on November 6, 1939, <br />seconded by Halten and carried. <br />-1. <br />Application by Xorthwestern Bell Telepkrorte Company dated Bov- <br />ember I., 1939, for permission to lay armored cable in and along <br />Halifax, fndianoh, Juanlta Avenues and alley betmeen Halifax and Indianola, togather with 1 poLe at 51st, Halffax and Indianofa <br />vag receive'd,: mereupon Eoore moved the application 'be granted seconded by Eaften and carried, <br />AppTication received from Xinneapolis Gas Light fhmpany, for pernissfon to instax1 1250 feet of 3 inch gas mail in and along <br />Eerilane and Paddock Road arid 415 feet of 4" gas main in and <br />along Yark Avenue Narth of Vest 55th Street. '{Jhereupon Trustee <br />Holten moved the application be granted, seconded by Eoore and carried , <br />Recorder advised with reference to new election laws passed at <br />the last session of the Legislature regarding judges and clerks <br />of elections, polling places, posted notices etc. Trustee Irgens thereupon maved that the following be appointed Judges <br />of Election and who in turn would appoint the Clerks as rro~ <br />provided . 1st Precinct, J.-B.Hamnond, Edward Lacy 8C Orline <br />Chr i s t Qpher a 2nd Precinct, Christ Larsen, Nellie Strate and <br />&ura Dirks, 3rd Precinct, AEbert Parmer, J. 2. Eewburn a_nd <br />Elsie Hildreth, and that there be no changes in precinct bound- ries or polling places, seconded by Holtea, and<arried, <br />No further business to come before the meeting motion to adjourn -carried at 11-30 PX <br />~ <br />-