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224 <br />E€kmrt,es of the adjourned gortion of the November <br />%3, X939, meeting of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina, held in Grange Kall on November 20, 1939, at <br />8.00 o’clock PX. <br />The meeting \vas called to order b3 President Sharpe, the <br />roll called and all mernbers of the Council were present as <br />ne11 as Village Treasurer Duggan, I The meeting being for the purpose of auditing, verifying <br />and examiaing the records and accounts of the Village Treasurer <br />and Village Recasder for the period November 15, 1938, to <br />Zsveznber 15, 1939, and such other business as may properly <br />cme befare the meeting. <br />All the records of the Village Treasurer and Vlllage Recorder <br />vere available, displayed and studied and it aas no€ed that <br />the tatal expenditures for the above year were $68,964-40. <br />with total receipts being $72,101.36, of vhich $64,936.83 was <br />from County Treasurer and $7,164.53 was through the Village <br />Recorder and turned over to the Village Treasurer. <br />The cash balance on deposit to the credit of the Village <br />General Funds as of November 15, 1938, was $5,684.03 making <br />tcstal receipts for Feneral Fund for the year of #77,785.39, <br />After deducting total disbursements as above the net cash balance on Xovehber 15, 3939, in General Fund being $8,820.’99 <br />on deposit at Edlarmd Natioaal. Bank and Trust Camparay, Einneap- <br />olis, Einnesota, <br />J <br />There being no outstanding unpa$d warrants and all current <br />bills paid to date. <br />Treasurer ,Duggan presented letter dated Navember 20, 1939, <br />by F, YT. Peterson., Auditor of Xidland National Bank & Trust <br />Conpany, certifying that the books of the Treasurer shaaed <br />a balance of $8,820.99. <br />‘I <br />It mas thereupon moved by Holterr, tliat the books and records <br />of Tillage Treasurer Duggan and Village Recorder Eoore, having <br />been duly studied, examined, audited and verified and found <br />ta be correct for the period Nwember 15, 1938 to November <br />15, 1939, that the same be approved and accepted and to be <br />signed and cerified for publicatiovl in the Eennepin County <br />Reviem, the official newspaper of the Village of Edina, in <br />the Havember 23, 1939, issu~. The motion was seconded by <br />Trustee iJillson and the vote on being taken found four ayes <br />and na nays, with Recorder Eoore not voting, and so the motion <br />mas declared duly carried and adopted. <br />V-’ <br />The matter of a Taxicab Ordinance 17as next considered by the Council Ifhereupon Trustee Holten offered the’ following Ord- inance and moved its adoption: <br />An Brdinance Providing $’& The Licensing of <br />Taxicabs and Regulating their Operation in The Village of 3dina. <br />-. <br />J <br />The Village council of Edina do ordain: <br />Section 1. Definitions. Unless otherwise expressly stated, r1hene-r wed in this ordinance, the following word8 shall <br />have the meahing given them by this sectfon: a. The aord “taxicab” shall mean and include any notor <br />vehicle engaged in the carrying of persons for hire, whf2ther <br />over a fixed route or not, and .whether the same be operated from a street stand or subject to calls from a garage, 31: otherwise operated for hire: but the term shall not include <br />vehicxes subject to control and regulation by the Railroad <br />.-