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XinuLee of the regular mee ting of the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />hold in Grange Hall on January as 19120, at 8.00 O'clock P*Ee <br />The meeting was called to oriler by the President, the roll . called and those present being, l&r YBsterWrg President, Trustees Willsen, Irgens and \watt and %corder EBoore. <br />%inutes of the regular meeting'of the Council held on December <br />11, 1939, wre read. On motion \Villson, they be approved a8 read, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />Er Burton, presented a petition to vacate 15 feet of Sunnyside <br />Road at the former intersection with Highway #169, which on tht, <br />suggestion of the Preaident and chairman of Road & Bridge Committee. <br />Harry Sewnson, presen+d renewal of insurance policies covering Fire and Theft insurance on Dodge truck and #22 caterpillar tractor, which on motion Irgena, be accepwd and premiums of <br />$12.65 and $14.85 be duly allowed and ordered paid under 'polm icies A401374 and A-501376 mspectful3y, seconded by Noore and carried. <br />was referred to Villa@ Jinginw3r <br />Paul Wind, appeared before the Cauncil to request a food license to serve individuals who might be patronize a riding livery he expected to establish on part of the old mind f arme After discussion it was moved by Irgens, that the matter be referred to Ordinance Committee and the Village Attorney for report, seconded by Tillson, and carried, <br />Bssrs Campbell and Tuscany, presented an application for permit to build and operate for bowling alleys in a build%% to be cbnstructed in the rear of present buildings on Lot 47, Auditor's Sub. #172. The gentlemn adviasd the Council the project was intended for high class recreational purposes only and that no <br />3.2 malt or other liquors would ever be sold. After discuss- ion, it was moved Irgens, that the matter be referred to the Ordinance Committee, seconded by Noore and carried.- <br />Pr Velch, 5522 Frknce Avenue, advised the that hie <br />property had besrn damaged by the con5;tructfan ,of the bnter- cspting sewer across the mar of his property along- Hinnehaha <br />greek and wherein a 10 ft. easement had been giv43no €ir Kelch advised that he had never talked vith WA regarding any damaG8 and listed $525:03 as the amount he thought his property had <br />been damaged. After discussion, it mas moved by Irgena, that <br />the matter be referred to Sanitation Cowmlbttete, seconded by watt, and carried. <br />D <br />. <br />So S, Tborpe, appeared to ask Council's consent to fill in and round out the shore line of Ndinnehaha Creek where Lot Block <br />3 , Sunny Slop Section , joins %fie highmy easement on the South, <br />After discuesion, it vas moved Irgens, the matter be referred td the President and Chairman of R&B Committee for report, seconded by watt, and carriede <br />BY H.C.Alden, advised the CotuiciP that he mould furnish the Village with tracing for a large and correct map of the Village for the sum of $125,OOe Irgens, that matter be referred to Road and Bridge Committee seconded by Tfpatt and carried, <br />!!he matter of appointmsnt of Council CommAtties next cams before <br />the Cauncfl with the President submitting the following names <br />for the several committias for Council's consideration. <br />9 <br />After diacussisn it was moved by <br />.- <br />Road ab8 Bridge Committee Trustee Vills on Chairman <br />Trustee. Irgans <br />Pre side nt % 8 tts rberg