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267 <br />Ninutes of the regular meetiag of the <br />Council of the Village of Edlbna, held in Grange Hall QP~ April. 8, 1940, a% <br />8,90 ofclock P. M. <br />. The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called. and all members of' the. Council %ere present. <br />. Ninutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on &Iarch <br />25, 1940, were rend. On motion watt, they be approved as read, seconded by Irgens send carried. <br />The pay roll advances having been carefully noted and found <br />I correc.t, it V~B then moved Willson, f,in^ey be duly allotved and ordered paid seconded by Irgens and carried. They are <br />&B foflows: <br />I <br />m c <br />I <br />I <br />Carl Wsterberg <br />Bn B. IiIoore . <br />George A, Yillson <br />Victor Ergenrj A, S. *att <br />John J, Duggan <br />Dr R. F. Yrickson <br />Re J. Johnson <br />S. J. Roberts <br />P. Dahlgran John Tracy <br />Le Stolzmn <br />0. M. Spande <br />Ronald Port <br />Sam UcCrsady <br />Ray Garrison <br />H . Ncl& Ilis Arthur Fe terse n <br />John McNellfs <br />J, Danens & Son <br />John Bnson <br />B. Hanssn <br />A.C.Stringer <br />Re Brgroff <br />President of Council $50 00 <br />Recorder 90.00 Trustee 35 e 00 <br />Trustee 35.00 Trustee 35 e OO Trueasuer 30 * 00 <br />Street Commiasiones 175.00 <br />. Health Officer 30,oo <br />Utility man 140 . 00 Trae tor Ope rat or 139iQO <br />Ass%, Tractor operator 125e0Q <br />A88t Road Pareman 13,2080 <br />Asst Road foreman 106.20 <br />Asst Road foreman 93.60 <br />Road labor 33.50 <br />Labor with team 650 00 Road labor 29.20 <br />Garbags collection 333.32 <br />Road labor 4.00 Truck hire 27 m 00 Road labor . 3.50 Road labor 4.00 <br />Road labor 6.00 Road & Bridge -b@A 25.90 Truck him 2.50 Village Narehalb 170.00 Police Officer 150eOO <br />Police Qfficcr 150eOQ <br />Police Officer 140 00 <br />Total Rd-Village 82,335.62 <br />The ;?iTiseellaneous bills upon bsfiig checked and examined and <br />found correct, were on motion, Irgens, they be duly allotted and ordered paid, seconded by Willson, and carried. They are as follows: <br />Suburban Hennepin County <br />Alex Cre ighton Dahlberg Bros Inc. <br />B. H4 Eradley <br />Relief Board <br />Garvey's Hardware . <br />Edina Feed <br />S iinon Strand <br />Republic Creossting Co <br />Wooddale Graoce ry Rural Hennepir, County <br />Thorp Bros &dina Garage <br />F. A. Archer <br />b . V?. Harris <br />E. W. Harrie <br />Dr James Blake Brarnsall Corp. <br />T. ?I* ROShO3.t <br />Surplus Comodity Cam <br />3'4 A. AYCher. <br />Peby. Relief $1 030 19 <br />Bdg. Inap. fees Xarch 99 * 10 <br />Police car service 1.15 <br />9 used Edg. level & Rod <br />35-00 <br />Hardeare for R&B 3.39 <br />1000 lbs salt (EdcB) 6.50 Rent tool shed to 4/15 15mOO <br />%arcs V belt . 1.20 148 gals Road tar 12.69 <br />379$ gals gas (RB~B) net 66.59 <br />for Road &: Bridge Dept <br />za 61 <br />Police csr seFviceaetorage 9*25 <br />106 cases April rent Tract Office-phone 12.80 <br />Service Dodge Truck 3113 16.90 Service Dodge Truck 4 8 59 o 88 <br />Gas & Oil (HhB-Police net 156.95 <br />1.00 <br />3.00 <br />(;cas ElnVOiCQ #184542 4.50 <br />i Repair 'ligarc~ oil line <br />Prof. services A. NcNellia