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287 <br />The Wnutes of the Regulac meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina held in Grange Hall on Nay 13, <br />1940 at 8:OO oPclock P.l!LT. <br />The meeting was called ta order by the President the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present, <br />Minutes af the regular April 22, 1940 meeting of the CounciI, to- <br />gether with recessed partians of the same meeting held on April <br />29, 1940 and Xay 6, 1940 were read. Subject to certain correctian <br />on page 281 af Resolution appointing B.H. Bradley Engineer of Sewer <br />District No. 6 and correction of page 284 defining route of sewer in Sewer District No, 6, it was moved by Irgens they be approved. <br />Seconded by Willson eC carried . <br />The Village and pay roll items having been carefully noted and found <br />correct, it was maved by Trgens they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Vyatt and carried. They are as follows: <br />I <br />R, J. Johnson <br />S, J. Robekts <br />I?. Dahlgren <br />John Tracy <br />L, Stolgman <br />Ronald Part <br />0. Bli, Spande <br />Sam EcCready <br />H. Ensley <br />S, EcXel1is <br />J. Xerfeld <br />Arthur Pet e r s en <br />Carl Westerberg <br />Ben B, Eaure <br />Gearge Vr‘illsan <br />Victor Irgens <br />A. 3. Vyatt <br />Dr. R, do Erickson <br />J. J, Duggan <br />Clarence 0. Holten <br />T. E. Tilly- <br />Hilding Dahl <br />W. S, Heydt John W. Leyon <br />A, C. Stringer <br />Street Comissianer <br />Utility Man <br />Tractor Operator <br />Asst. Tractor Operator <br />Asst, Road Foreman <br />Asst .--.Road Eoreman <br />Asst, Road Foreman <br />Road Labm <br />Road Labor <br />Road Labor <br />B’oad Labor <br />Garbage removal <br />President Eay <br />Recarder Nay <br />Trustee Bray <br />Trustee Kay <br />Trustee Eay <br />Village Health Officer <br />Treasurer May <br />Village Attorney <br />Village Earsha11 <br />Palice Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />WA-Road & Bridge Labor <br />Total Road 8 Village <br />$ 175.00 <br />140.00 <br />135 . 00 <br />125.00 <br />122.40 <br />132.00 <br />129.60 <br />106 .OO 1rL,oo <br />15.00 <br />26 .OO <br />333.32 <br />1 50.00 <br />90 000 <br />l35.00 <br />55.00 <br />35 .oo <br />30 ,oo <br />30.00 <br />’75.00 <br />170.00 <br />150.00 <br />150 .oo <br />140600 <br />The Niscellaneous Bills were duly examined and upon behg found <br />correct, it was moved by Willson, they be duly allowed eC ordered <br />paid, seconded by Irgens and carried. They are as follows: <br />Suburban Hennepin County Relief Baard--Uarch Relief <br />J, A. Danens eC Son Use Gas Shovel <br />Binneapolis Iron Store--Truck Chains <br />Edina Hardware R.8 €3. Supplies <br />T,W, Roshalt Co. Sergent Plow Shoes <br />Landers Norblom Christenson Co.--Sewer Pipe <br />Garvey ‘8 Hardware Re& B, Suiglies <br />W. H, Ziegler Co. Tractor Parts <br />Lyle Signs Inc. 26 Raad Signs etc. HeXing Dahl Use auto police vork <br />199 miles @ 5p’ <br />Republic Creosoting Coi.--Road Tar <br />Rural Hennegin County <br />Surplus Commodity Cam.--Apri1 ‘Service <br />Thorpe Bros. Inc. Tract Office & Phone <br />L. D. Adas Inc, Grader Arm <br />John W. Leyon Police School Expenses City of KobbinsBale Sewing Pro.ject <br />Edina Garsge Palice Car Service X-pls. G.E. Company April Electric Service <br />E. V. Harris Gas R,& E,--Police Car <br />Bareca Oil Co. Gas R.&B, <br />I <br />900.39 <br />94.00 <br />15.58 <br />15.35 <br />15 . 20 <br />25.20 <br />112,40 <br />-69 <br />100.75 <br />9.95 <br />76.03 <br />24 . 55 <br />13 . 70 <br />17.13 <br />16.25 <br />3.50 <br />11.25 <br />514.49 <br />131.56 <br />6.62