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9 <br />Xinutes of the recessed portion of <br />the regulary June 24, 1940 meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina, duly held in Grange Kall on <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members af the Council were present, <br /># June 26, 1940, at 8:OO ot'clock p,mo <br />Previous to assembling far the Council meeting allmemh.ers,~. <br />Fisher, YEA Supt,, and Village Engineer Bradley as per arrangements <br />made at the June 24thmeeting, Tisited the several places as follows: <br />The rear of Mr. Welch's property and found Minnehaha Creek floqing <br />along the same course as heretofore and approximately the same '- <br />width, That the bank sloping up to the East from the creek had <br />been terraced according to request of Mr, Welch and had been raked.,. <br />smooth and seeded to grass and claver, Members of the Council offered to have planted as sQon as season would permit, from 6 to 10 trees <br />of such varities as Id&. Welch wp6Q.d designate, which was nat acceptable as ME, Wech suggested a cash settlement, <br />Mr, Lapman's p3aceewas next visited and learned that he had been inconvienced by the WPA wo&?aen going over his property, using his <br />well and such, The Council offered ta grade and gravel his private. road which had been used by WA trucks and athers and to scarify <br />with Village scarifier such places as %r, Lapman wauld designate <br />as having been packed by reason of travel aver the ground, Hembers <br />of the Couqcil advised I&. Lapman the Village vas not responsible <br />for the personal conduct of those on VPA, but waclld be glad to <br />repair, the best it could, any reasonable damage to realestate the <br />Village was responsible for, 'dtlr, Lapaan agreed to write the <br />Council along such lines whereupon the Hidden Valley area was visited and found Mr. Smith 8cXr. Clarke awaiting them, The party was shown a low spat near the creek where the unsettled sewer trench was holding back some starm water from flowing into Minne- <br />haha Creek and willingly accepted XIlr. Smith's suggestion to dig a <br />shallow apen ditch fur that purpose, Mr. Clark asked that the <br />share line of part of the creek on his property he evened up a <br />bit with the &PA Superintendent also agreeing to do the work start- ing the next day. <br />Village Engineer Bradley presented tabulation of bids for Sanitary <br />following were the lowest bidders : <br />b <br />I <br />, Sewers in Lateral Sewer Districts Bo, 5,& 6,& 7, wherein the <br />E, V!, Northfield Coo on tile,cement, & manhcsle rings and covers. <br />3245 ft. 12" VT Sewer pipe @ .408# less 3% <br />562 ft, 9" VT Semer gig;e 0 ,275~2 less 3% <br />34-61W21t Y's @ blank each less 3% -_ <br />131-6'rxg11 Y's @ $1.23 each less 3% <br />331-6%1/8 bends @ ,648 each less 3% <br />58 manhole rings & covers 8 $9.95 each <br />154 bbls. Portland cement in paper sacks @ $2,4? bbl net. <br />Vhereupon it was maved by &bore cant'ract for cement , tile, manhole rings and covers be awarded the L, W. Northfield company per hid, <br />seconded hy Irgens and carried. <br />The bid of the Worthy Crib 8c Company on '%yens Radial" concrete <br />hiocks in lieu of brick, was discussed at length with engineering <br />data in favor of the Zyon concrete block. Whereupon Trustee willson <br />maved that contract be awarded the Worthley Crib & Silo Company <br />for 6400 more or less Lyons Radial Concrete blocks for manhole <br />construction 8 12-& each net delivered the job, seconded by vyatt <br />and carried, <br />Trustee Irgens moved that contract be awarded the Oscar Rsherts Company for : Washed sand Q 60g per ton less 2%, Washed gravel. <br />-* -@ $1.25 per ton less 2%, seconded by Boare and carried. <br />Discussion was had on interpreeation of wet and dry trench <br />excavation as given in the proposals, whereupon it was moved by <br />a Irgens, -the Recorder write the Bernett &Record companjvand the -_ <br />.i -- - %