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Einutes. of the regular meeting of the CouncZX of the Village of Edina, duly held in Grange Hall <br />on July 8, 1940, at <br />8 100 O 'Clock P.M. t <br />. The meeting was called to order by the president, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present, <br />Minut;es of the regular meeting of the Council held on June 24, 1940 <br />together with recessed portians of the same meting Ctnly held 0x1 June 26, 1940, and July 1, 1940, were read. <br />be approved as read, seconded by ,Irgtns and carried. <br />Onmotiaa Wyatt they I <br />The miscellaneous hills upon being duly examined and found correct <br />were on motion Willson, they be duly allowed and ordered paid, aebonded by Irgens and carried, They are as falltowst <br />Nimeappalis .Go 11 Coo ,Edina Garage Rural Rennepira County <br />Garvey '8 Hardware Glacier Sand 8s Gravel Jay W, Craigg <br />Tharpe Bras. <br />Lyle szgns Inc, <br />City af Xgnneapolis <br />W. S, matt Coo m, KO Cooper & Sons <br />Surplus Corn, COIL <br />Ca <br />June electric service <br />Police car service <br />June <br />R. & B. supplies <br />4800 C/B asphalt July rent tract office <br />Road signs Fire Dept, Service 6/23 <br />2 Hand fire pumps Flowers for prks <br />to Road sand & gravel <br />Co-operative Seed Exchange <br />N, W, Bell Telephone Coo Village St, Louis Park Miller Davis Coo Uptown Iron Store Edina Feed Coo <br />Hoyt Landscape Nursery <br />J, BBcXTe1lis Ben B, Moore <br />Suburban Hexmepin hunt$ <br />Republic Creosoting Go, <br />Joyce Insurance Inc, Burgers Pub, (20, H, 0, Sohnson Culvert Coo Alex Creightan <br />Wooddale Grocery <br />E, W, Harris <br />3, S.t;rand <br />J, &, Danens & Son <br />Dahlberg Bras, Inc. <br />Re lief Board <br />Kinnehaha Grange <br />Sodium Chlorate <br />phone extension <br />Fire Pept, Service <br />Office supplies angle iron oats & rent 4/15-6116 <br />Edina Court trees 1089 Yds, sod Edirra Court Delegate expenses Leagne <br />of Minneaota Xunicep@.ties <br />$ 523,28 12.75 <br />21.82 <br />7-51 <br />152;01 <br />408.00 <br />12 50 <br />4.00 <br />?e 76 <br />25000 <br />8XL,28J <br />8.50 <br />2coo <br />3 5,lO 0 <br />16.30 <br />x*73 <br />11440 <br />70 00" <br />65034g <br />23.95 <br />June Direct relief 5 42;( 29: <br />EreI&m Treasure's Bond 75.00 <br />Road culverts 45.66 <br />Road Tar 6-19-20-26 & 27 6'54 048 <br />Office supplies 3003 <br />June Bdg, hap, 232.42 <br />Gas & cii1 far tractma 66.80 <br />Bent tool shed ta ?/15 15.00 Gas & ox3 B,8cB, &: palfee 125.88 <br />95* hrs, shovel 97+?irs,truck 599.88 Police car less trade in allow- <br />Rent Grange Ha13 1/1/40 -6/30/40 <br />ance 325000 <br />and 9 special meetings 64.50 TQTAL PISC, @ <br />The Viflage &Road accounts having been carefully noted &found <br />correct it was moved by Willso@ they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Vyatt and carried, They are as follows: <br />Carl %'esterberg Ben B, Moore George A. Willson <br />Victor Irgens <br />A. S, Wyatt <br />Dr, R, E, Erickson To E, TiUy Hilding Dah1 We Se Heyd't John W, Lyon R. Ze Johnson <br />Jo E0 Dwen <br />President of G'aunctLX <br />Vi1Tage Recorder Trustee <br />Trustee Trustee <br />Treasurer Health officer <br />Village Zkrahall Police officer <br />BoWm off ieer Police officer Street Comm,