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Xinutes of the Recessed portian <br />of the Regular July 22, 1940 <br />meeting of the Council of the <br />Village of Edina duly held in Grange %ll an August 5, 1940, at 8rOO orclock P,M, <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called and all members of the Council were present. <br />Hearing on peket-i;on to vacate a portion af Cooper Avenue, wherein <br />bath published and posted notice had duly been given, first came before the Council, After discussian, study of maps and plats by <br />all concerned, it was moved by Eoore, that the proposition before <br />the Cckuncil of vacation a portion of Cooper Avenue be continued to the next regular meeting of the Cauncil to be held on August 12, <br />1940, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />Village Attorney Hdten presented signed and praperly executed contracts covering excavation of sewer trench in Lateral District Semers numbered 5, 6, and 7, whereupon it was moved by Emre, the <br />certified checks accompaning bid of S. J. Groves &Sons Company <br />in amount $2000,00 and Barnett &Record Company, in amaunt of <br />$1500.00, be delivezed to Village Attorney for return, s'ecanded by Irgens and carried, <br />Trustee Irgens offered the following resolution and moved its <br />adoption : <br />AN QRDIXANCE CREATING, ESTABEISHING AND FIXING <br />TKE LIBIITS AND TERRITORY QF A SEWER DISTRICT IN <br />TKE VZLLAGE 02 EDINA, HENNEPXN COUNTY, MINNESOTA <br />The Village Council. of the Village of Edina, in Hemepin County, Xh'mesota,, does ordain as fCIllQW8 : <br />Section 1. That certain real estate and territory within the corporate limits of the said Tillage of Edima is hereYcy created and established as Sewer District No. 8, and shall consist of and in- <br />clude the territory and real estate .lying within said Villagerof <br />Edina, described as fallom, to-mitt <br />Commencing at a point in the center Line of StatenHighphy 2$0.2!0 <br />(West 50th Street) which is distant 830 feet Sauthwesterly measured <br />along said cente2 l2ne fro= the center 'line of TISJooddale henuet <br />thence Westerly along said center line Qf State Highway No,2Q to its intersection with the West line of Section 18, Township 28, Range 24;g&hence South along the West Tine of said Section 18 to <br />the Narthwely line of Hapkins Road. as platted in Tingdale Brothers Brookaide,.Hennepin County, Einn.;-thence Westerly along %he Borth- erly line of said Eupkins Rogd to the Sauthwest corner af Lot,?, <br />' Block 8, Tingdale Brothers Brooksib,; thence North to .thq BortN- west corner of said Lot 7; thence West.alung the South\lines of <br />Lots .2, 3, & 4 in said Block 8 to the Easterly right of Way line of the Ninneapolis Northfield afid Southern Railyay; thence North along <br />said railway right of may line to the center lJne of Best 48th Street; thence West.along the South line of Brookside Terrace and the South line of Clevelands Subdivision of &ma Abbott Park to the Sau.thvJeat corners of Lot 12 in' Black 2 of sai.d Cleveland's <br />Subdivision; thence North to the Southwes% corner of Lot ,9 in Block, <br />15 of said Cle$eland(s Subdivision; thence East to the Southweat mrner of Lot 13 in Block 14 of said Cleveland's Subdivision, thence <br />North along the center line of said Black 14, and .the same extended <br />to the Southerly line of Lot 19+, &ma Abbott Park; thence:Eas&erly <br />.along the Southerly line of said Lot 19, to the Sautheast tamer, thereof; thence Eorth along the East line af said Lot 29 to the Northeast corner thereof ;. thence East along the Borth l&ne crf Se.&-icrn <br />28, Township 11'7, Range 21 to the Rorth'east corner of said Section <br />28; thence South along the East XLine of said Section 28 to the North; west corner of Section la4 Townshlp 28, Range 24; thence East along <br />the North line of said dectiolz 3.8 to the Eortherly right of way lkne <br />of the Ninnea&lis & St. Paul Suburban Railway Ca:, ; th'eace South- - westerly along said railway right of way Line to the West line of <br />said Section 18; t2ience South along the Vest* line of said Section 18 <br />to the Northwest corner of Lat 7, in Block 3,Of Country Club District, Brawn Section; thence Easterly to the. most northerly corner of Lot 18, <br />- A r'd <br />Y <br />-tt;~ct>- +C b-b ~/XJ tf 4- 2-i~ 7; *hz