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.. <br />27 <br />Ehutes of the regular meeting <br />af the Caurrcil of the Village <br />of Edina held in Grange Ea11 on <br />August 12, 1940 at 8:OO o'clock <br />P. M. <br />The meeting was called ta order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present. <br />Minutes of .the regular meeting of the Council held on July 22, <br />1940, and the recessed portion duly held on August 5, 1940, were <br />read, on motion Irgens, they be approved as read, seconded by <br />Wyatt and carried. <br />This miscellaneous bills upon being duly examined and found correct were on motion Willson they be duly allowed and ordered paid, <br />seconded by Vyatt and carried. They are as follows: <br />Lyle Signs Inc. Road Signs $ 27.90 <br />Thompson Lumber 'coo Lumber 2 025 <br />mnneapolis G,E. Co. 3u1y electric service 597.55 <br />Barey 's Shelf station Truck service 5/22-7/20 37.08 <br />J. D, Adas Ca, grader blade 11.83 <br />Country Club Floral Co. Flowers for park 9.00- <br />E, IT, Harris Gas & oil - July 109.44 <br />Nieland Auto Service Service Ford truck 1.75 <br />BucT's Texaco Service Gas for B,&B. 4.63 <br />Cfty of RabbinsdaXe %PA Sewing project 10 . 50 <br />Joseph Smith 210 000 <br />Glacier Sand & G, (20. Road sand arid graver 671.26 <br />"Jay W, Craigg Co, - Road ail 7/1-7/31 l339.00 <br />Sim~,a Strand Rent tool house 7/15-8/15 15 , 00 <br />Hennepin County Review Printing & Publie notices 29.70 <br />Heranepin County Paor fam service to 7/31 138.00 * <br />Alex Cr e ight on Building Inspector fees- July 121.82 <br />Oscar Roberts Sand-Gravel Abbott . Place sewer 123.44 <br />WilXiams Hardware Co, Mails Abbott Place sewer 6.30 <br />J, A. Danens & Son Gas Abbott Place sever 71 . 50 <br />IYorthXey Crib & Silo Co,994 Banhole blacks Abbott Place Se~~111.75 <br />Landers MQrbLom <br />Tool house well. 140 feet @I $1.50 <br />Lateral Sewer District #7 Loan from General Fund 2500oOO <br />E;rama Tedman Gas for R,EB. ?/l6-8/2 8.58 <br />Baker Wg, Cai, 400 lbs. plwmbers spun oakum 44.00 <br />A, A. Skadski Supply co.615 IBs, Kalkite compound 32.60 <br />Christensen Company Limate 4.00 <br />Oscar Roberts Co, Sand & Gravel 26.32 <br />Loosen Plumbing Co. Lahor counting sewer connectors 16 080 <br />Barco Oil Co; Gas for B.833, 2.20 J, A, Danens 8c Son 147 90 <br />John Lyon Refund purchase police cap 2.00 <br />Edina Garage . Police car service 11 . 00 <br />H. A. Rogers -Blue prints tool house 3.42 <br />Truck & shovel hire 7/9-7/25 w-. , ' <br />F--' <br />N.-W. Bell Telephone Co.Wa, 6567 and 5494 llt6O <br />Tharpe Bros. Inc. Aug rent tract affkce & phane 13.70 <br />Qi <br />Miller-Davis Go. Office supplies & printing 28.05 <br />Garvey Hardware ROB, supplies 6 040 <br />Edina Hardware R.&B, sugslies 21,51 <br />County Relief Board July relief 370 26 <br />Suburban Hennegirj <br />Graybar Electric Go. Batteries for Police 4.68 <br />City of MinneagoPis Fire Dept. service 8/3 8,67 Tatax $ <br />The Rad and Village Pay rolls having been carefully checked and found correct; were an motion Irgens, they be duly allowed and <br />ordered paid, seconded-by Wyatt and carried, they are as follows: <br />Carl Vesterberg Preiiident - -*.: -, c, <br />Ben B, Moore Recorder <br />George A. Willson Trustee <br />Victor Irgens Trustee <br />Hlvin S. Wyatt Trustee <br />$ 50.00 <br />35.00 <br />'35 ,OO <br />35.00 <br />9OoOO