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33 <br />\ I Uinutes of the re& r meeting <br />of the Council of the 7 Village <br />of Edina, held in Grahge Hall on August 26, 1940, at 8300 <br />O'C~OC~ Po E. <br />The meeting vas called to order by the Eresident, the roll called <br />and all members of the Councll mere present. <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held an August 12, ' <br />1940, and the recessed portion af the same meeting held on August <br />19, 1940, were read, On motion Irgens, they be approved as read <br />seconded by Wyatt, and carried. <br />Residents of Schaefer Road, presented petition that a 100 foot set back be established, vhich arter discussion was referred to <br />Village Attorney Holt en. <br />Bk. &U~S. Eanuel and others appeared before the Council to object to installation of public sidewalk on South side of Vest 50th Street betmeen Wooddale and Bruce he. <br />favor thereof, after discussion the matter was left far future <br />consideration of the Council. <br />Er. Ben Parks appeared in <br />Residents along Vest 55th St. stated they desired the street main- tained between €laird & Drew, which Cauncil thought could do mhen <br />the road grading crew was in the neighborhood. <br />Ashley Brooks presented application for license to aperate 2 add- <br />itional taxi cabs under the present taxi cab ordinance and was <br />referred to Police Committee for report at Sept. 9thmeeting.. <br />Geraldine and WS. Sargent, owners of the land, requested per- <br />mission to. build house across the rear end of lot facing East at South-west corner of Best 52nd Street and Halifax ilve. Mter <br />discussion the matter of obtaining easements for establishfng a <br />60 foot street vas referred to Road and Bridge Committee, <br />- -. Petition received from mners Lots 1 to 10, inclusive in Block 6 <br />Eendessohmfs Addition for vacation of alley, on motion Irgens, the' <br />petition be received and bath published & posted notice be given, <br />seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Discussion was had with S. S, Thorpe, Jr, concerning installation <br />of mater mains in Sunny Slape Section, wherein the Council would <br />be advised that Thorpe Bros. owners of the land, would in event <br />of purchase of the water mains in the Sunny Slope Section by the Village, turn some over to the Village free of any charge. <br />Noble Shattack on behalf of the South 'Eilinneapolis Chapter of the <br />South Einneapolis Chapter of Isaac Walton League, appeared to <br />advise the Council the chapter desired to install a trap shooting <br />layout on the Schillinger farm and that he was advised Village <br />had no ordinance prohibiting the use of this property for such <br />purposes, Uembers of the Council e,xpressed no opposition to the praposition ahen used as a private club. <br />0- RESOLUTXON VACATING STREET == <br />Recorder Eoore offered the fallawing resolution and moved its <br />adaptian t <br />THEREAS, petition of a majority of the owners of real property fronting on that part of St. John's Avenue, described as follows: <br />*I - . <br />Beginning at the Northwest ("7) corner of Lot Six <br />(6), Block One (l), Hanson and Parks Birst Addition <br />to the Villsge of Edina, thence Westerly to the <br />Hortheast (NE) corner of Loit One (l), Block Three <br />(3) of said Addition; thence Southerly along the <br />Easterly line of said Lot; One (1) to the Southeast <br />(SE) corner of said Lot On& ; (1') ; thence':hEasteKk.y to <br />C