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39 <br />Ninutes of the regular meeting <br />af the Council of the Village .of Edina, held in Grange Hall <br />an September 23, 1940, at 8:OO <br /> clock Po Me <br />The meeting was called to. order by the President, the roll called and all members oif the Council were present. <br />Plllinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on September 9, <br />1940 were read. On motion Irgens they be approved as read, seconded <br />by Wyatt and carried. <br />Petition to grade West 55th Street between Beard and Drew.Avenues <br />received, read and referred to Road and Bridge Committee. <br />Nr. John Person, tax-payer, was present to advise the Council he was nat satisfied with the administration of Village affairs and <br />that the Village boaks should be audited. He was advised that such anr:audit ilvas already in progress. After a somewhat lengthy <br />discourse on the part of Mr. Person, the President suggested the advisability of hiring a hall, whereupon he sat dovtn and the <br />meeting progressed, <br />Mr. Lewis Jones stated to the Council: that the Cahill School building was available as an election polling plaE6. <br />Committee and Village Engineer for plans, profiles, and estimate <br />Xr and Nrs L, H, Clough,,presented petition signed by more than <br />40 residents representing a majority of the property affected <br />requesting that a sanitary sewer be installed on 54th Street, <br />duller Street, 55th Street, Beard Avenue, and Prance Avenue, <br />which on motion Uoare, be received and referred to Sanitation <br />of costs, seconded by Irgens and carried, <br />Xrs Grabaw and Xrs Schossam, requested that garbage collection <br />be extended to the area embracing,Xerxes Avenue to France and 54th <br />to 58th Street, .'Jhereupon it mas maved by Moore be referred to <br />Sanitation Committee for attention, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />Mr. O'Dell petitioned for a street light on Vest 44th Street <br />between Glen Place and Browndale, which was referred to lighting <br />committee. <br />- I <br />I <br />The Village pay roll. advances and pay of Judges and Clerks for <br />September 10, 1940 Primary election, having been carefully noted <br />and found correct, were on motion Willson, ,?were on motion villaon <br />they be duly allowed and ardered paid, seconded by Irgens and <br />carried. <br />It was moved by Willson that August Relief iin amount b346.84 be <br />paid, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />It was moved by Irgens that bills and accounts of Lateral Sewer <br />District No. 7, represented by Recorders warrants Numbered 35 <br />to 38 both inclusive be paid, seconded by Irgens and carried, <br />hks. L. R. Nolan requested transfer of both "On Sale" and "Off <br />Sale" 3.,2 Malt liquor licenses to new location at 3926 \Vest 50th <br />Street, which was referred to Police Cornittee. <br />Application af Grace Hickman dated September 9, 1940, for trans-- <br />fer af Iton Salet1. and Wff Sale" 3-2 malt liquor licenses issued <br />to Harry C. Toms 4930 Prance Avenue, was un recommendation of <br />Chairman Irgens of Palice Committee, be granted, seconded by Noore <br />and carried. <br />Application was made by Grace Hickman far transfer of mechanical amusement license, issued to,Harry C. Tams, 4930 France Avenue and duly referred to ?&lice Committee for report to Council, <br />Dr, Arnold Hartin, advised the Council of how spot in Kellogg <br />Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets, which after discussion was <br />referred to Raad and Bridge Committee.