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Ninutes of the regular meet- <br />irzg of the Council of the <br />Village of Edina, held in <br />Grange Hall an October 14, <br />1940 at 8:OO o'clock P.X. <br />The meeting was called ta order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members were present. <br />llfiinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on September 23, 1940 and the recessed portion of the same nreeting duly held on <br />October 1, 1940, were read. <br />read, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />On motian Irgens they be approved as <br />The miscelleaneous bills upon being duly checked and found correct, <br />were an motion Irgens, they be duly a1XLamed and ordered Paid, <br />seconded by T?illson and carried. They are as follows r <br />Simon Strand Rent tool shed 8/15-10/15 .$ 30.00 <br />A. B. Anderson Sign Go. 7 signs (elections) 8 .UO <br />Borey 's Shell Stat ion Truck service 5.85 <br />Hustod Co. Steel windovs, tool house 57.75 <br />W. E. Ziegler Go. Tract or repairs 4.22 a. W. Bell Telephone Co. Wa. 6567 8/19 & 9/19 23 . 50 <br />Alex Creightan Bdg. permit fees $September1 164.72 <br />5t,irrchfield, UackalL, Prof easionali services on account <br />Grouse, & Noore Cauntry Club Dist, Service Cow 1000 -00 <br />Hennegin County Review Printing and publishing 27 . 20 <br />2. A, Archer Truck repairs 4/2-6/l? 6.40 <br />E. B. Thomas Elec'tric Paark & supplies 9/16 26 045 <br />J. D. Adam Co. Wader parts 8.15 <br />&ma Tedman Gas far Xoad 8c Bridge 30 . 59 29.22 City of Idlinneapolis E'ire service 9/27 25 . 70 Home Awning 8 Shade Cow Eleckisn curtains <br />K. V, Xohmson Culvert Co.Road culverts 100,44 <br />Suburban Hennepin.County <br />*Relief Baard August & September direct relief 834 . 46 <br />Republic Creosoting Co. ?bad tar 8/13-8/20 1124.63 <br />Lyle Signs Inc. Road sfgns I' ' 82.79 Gity of Einneapblis Annual 'fire.*protectian stand <br />Fillmore & Bradley I- 6 x 10 'Ui -So Blag - 6.75 <br />Hoff Rubber Stamp Cow Village stencil &- supplies '3.01 <br />&Eller-Davis Co. Binder for assessments 5.25 <br />J. A. Danens h San <br />Nalaney Ave. 155,OO <br />S. 5. Groves & Sans Cow Rental-2 pumps Abbatt Place SeNer <br />Edlna Hardmare Road and Bridge 9/11-9/20 3'7.88 George Shilsan Truck hire 8/29-9$30 -92.31 <br />Villiaks Hardware Cow Steel rods, tool house 38.61 <br />Harriet Sheet Xetal CQ. 5 ballot boxes 26,4l <br />gay W. Craigg Cow Road ail '9/8-9/18 1080 000 <br />", ' by 'service 2, '(I 173 . QQ <br />Shovel & truck hire 9/3-9/9 <br />City of Rabbinsdale WI?&'-Sewing project 7/16-8/15 - 7;ao <br />Itrlay,-1940: - * ' 100;00~ <br />Crown Iran Warks Coal h0J.e ring cover 5.50 <br />Garvey Hardware Road & Bridge supplies 9/5-9/30 21.10 <br />Harriet Sheet metal Go. Chimney thimbles .75 <br />W . And er s on Truck 62 driver on 9/6 10.88 <br />\lTillia;ms Hardware Co . XaiLs 3.28 W. 11. Ziegl-er Co. 4.63 <br />DSiller-Davis CQ. Office supplies d voting booths . 80.55 <br />ka Tedman <br />E. Ve Earris 128.79 <br />H, @, AZdss CGsrecting fire protection area map 5.60 <br />lfinneagolis G. E, Co, ELectric Service September 641.32 <br />V. D. Creighton Asst, Assessor 53 days 265 .QO <br />Roy Arnston Asst. Assessor 37 days 185 . 00 <br />Phillips PetmLem Co. 500 gallons distillaee Road & Bridge 32.50 <br />Sly-Pox Films Trailer for Selective Service 10.85 232.70 <br />71,oo <br />Ready Eixed Concrete Cow Xixed concrete 9/11-9/30 <br />E. J. BllcDonald 216 CU. yards gravel Rural Hennepin Caunty <br />Surplus Cam. Comm. August surplus cas es 23 096 <br />Imnice lf 41170 Road & Bridge <br />Gas for Road and Bridge <br />Gas for Road and Bridge & Police <br />Th~rpa Brathers Bent tract office & phose 13.05 24.28 <br />N. W. Bell Telephone Caw Wa. 5494 twncz months 4.00