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Einutes of the Xegular meeting <br />of the Council of the Villace <br />of Edina, duly held in Grange <br />Hall on Bov. 25, 1940 at 8:OQ <br />otclock p.m. <br />The meeting was called to order by the Eresident, the roll called and <br />all members of the Council mere gesent. <br />The 3ecorder advised that the.minutes book containing rninutes of the <br />Examiner in cannection ;1ith audit of Village affairs for the pror <br />ceeding year; ahereupon the President declared the reading of the <br />rninu.t;s r:ould be dispensed Yiith at this meeting. <br />The Village pay roll advances having been carefully noted and found <br />corsed%. it vias moved by ;'iillson, they be duly alloned and ordered paid ' <br />secanded by Irgens and carried. <br />, last meetings of the Council were in the hands of the hblic I <br />The matter of extending gas main for gas unit head of Tool House and <br />Gzrage FCLS dijcuaaed viith the sevcral represeniives and leLt with <br />Road & Bridge Committee €or further study and report to the Council. <br />IW. Sriedman appeared before the Council to request permission to <br />raise and to extent out from building, the present EdinsL Theatre sign, <br />referred thereto hy the Building Commissioner. After discussion it <br />I;ias moved by Irgens that permit be granted, subject to complyance with <br />installation requirements of City of Uinneapolis Code, seconded by <br />Eoore and carried. <br />It was moved by Irgens, that hearing on petition to rezone lot 20 <br />iluditor*s Sub. #172, be referred to regular meeting of the Council to <br />be held on December 9, 1940, seconded bylfoore and carried. <br />It vas moved by Xoore, that hearing on petition to rezone lots 1,2,3, <br />15,16, and 17, Block 7 TinEdale's Brookside Addition be referred to -- regular meeting of the Cou&il to be held an December 9, 1940, <br />seconded 5y Irgens and carried. <br />Xessrs. fianson and Parks and Attorney 7angs-#ad, appeared before the <br />Council regarding installation of water mains in streets abutting <br />their pro,oerty. The Council being reluctant to enter into any <br />arrangement siherein the cost of vater mains nould be reflected in the <br />cost of mater sold throughout the village. After discussion the <br />matter r;as left for Village Attorney Holten prepare contract <br />according to tentative agreement. <br />Eessrs. C. E. Hanson &Bo I&. Parks owners of majority of frontage <br />of frontage on "Jooddale Ave. from Golf Terrace to Jest 55th Street, <br />2etitioned for water main extension, ahich vas referred to Villade <br />Attorney. <br />Communication dated llovember 22, 1940L by residents af Colonial Grove <br />uzs read concerning streets in said Addition, and referred to Village <br />Attorney ;to reply. <br />Chairman of Sanitation Committee moved that bids be taken at the <br />December 9, 1940, meeting of the Council, for removal, hauling, and <br />disposal of kitchen garbage for the year 1941, upon such terms and <br />conditions the Cauncil in its descrition may impose; motion seconded <br />by Villson and carried. <br />Chairman lighting Committee reported suggested recommendations for <br />street lights as follows: <br />1, One light at the east side af Vernon Avenue near the north <br />Village limits. <br />I <br />.. .* c <br />c <br />. <br />2, Beplacing the present light at Josephine 9c Hopkins Road (UcGuire's <br />place) with a smaller light and moving the present light to Eden <br />Avenue and Highway 100.