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F-i <br />Einutes of the recessed portion <br />of the regular December 9, 1940, <br />meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina,'duly held in Grange <br />&ll on December 16, 1940, at 8:OO <br />o'clock p. m. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and all members af the Council were present, <br />The President reported that he and the Recorder had mat vith <br />Eresident Bartin and Trustee Anderson of St. Louis Park council <br />regarding the matter of fire protection, that Ek. l'iartin and <br />TGr. Anderson stated af the unwillingness of the St. Louis Park Cauncil ta continue at present rates and that an annual "stand . <br />by'' charge of ~2,000.00, with calls raised from $35.00 to :45.00 <br />per call Qr per hour, together with such conditions as were <br />imposed under the suggested contract , vias proposition they had <br />to offer. Service would be continued, however, until such <br />time as Edina could or would make other arrangements for fire <br />protection in the area serviced by St. Louis Eark. <br />Communication by Edina Civic Association, dated December 3, 1940 <br />suggesting a 'Stopt1 sign on Soughwest corner West 50th Street and <br />drance Avenue and that street car weying be discontinued at <br />Yrance and 50th, read and referred to Police Committee. <br />It was moved by Willson that bills as follows be allowed and <br />ordered paid: <br />J. Vi. Craigg Co. Road oil 345.00 Chas. Olson & Sans Repain work-Eq. 159.24 <br />t? H. Ziegler Co. Snow plow 889 . 00 I&ternatianal Harvester Co. <br />1-%ode1 DR-50-149'WB serial 878 motor <br />#PBB-361-3669 complete with Rei1 dump <br />body, less credit $915.76 for 1937 <br />Dodge- net $2586 , 50 <br />C. P, Ashton Lumber J$D 1# net $298.59 <br />2. Id. Gebo Refund Justice of Peace supplies $88.85 Rural Hennepin County <br />Surplus Corn. Corn, (November 1940) 47.01 <br />City of Einneapolis-Fire Dept . service 26.Ll <br />' John J. Duggan Refund postage treasurer Gov. '40 15,36 <br />City of Uinneapolis-Last S-1940 Disposal plant etc. 1525.74 <br />A. X. Berrin Recording easements: JSD #l $24.00 <br />813 $6 1.70 <br />SD #7 4.60 <br />Kecorder presented matter of principal and interest payments on <br />special assessment warrants due Ll-41 as follows : <br />R. & 33. 14.35 <br />$45 . 00 <br />and that certified checks of 8. H.Ziegler Company in amount of <br />,:50,00 and International Harvester Company, in amount of 2113.05 <br />mhich accompanied bids, be returned, seconded by I7ya.t.t; and <br />carried . <br />Bids were opened and read aloud for rolled roDfing for tool <br />house as follows ; <br />Thompori Lumber Co, 78rolls @ $1,65 roll delivered. <br />Kruckerberg Roof Co, 78rolls f or$146,00 <br />Ykereupon it was moved by Villson the order be awarded to <br />Thoqson Lwnber Company on basis of bid, seconded by Wyatt and <br />carried. <br />Lateral Sewer District Nos. 1 PC 2 $1126 ,OO <br />2150.00 <br />Lateral Sewer District No, 4 1650.00 Jaint 3ewer District Bo, 3. <br />Acct. ~65,000.00issue9 total 6984.94 <br />Acct.' ~20,000.00 issue, interest 132.20 <br />L,teral Sewer District KO, .3