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1 Einutes of the regular meet- <br />ing of the Council of the Yillage of Edina, held in the <br />Grange Hall on January 13,1941 <br />at 8 :C@ o'clock p.m. <br />Ehe meeting ;ias called to order by the r"resident, the roll1 called and all members of the Council were gresent. <br />*?. uutcs of the regular meeting of the Council held on Uacember <br />9, 1940, and the recessed portion of the same meeting duly held on Uecernber 16, 194Q, were read. On motion Irgens they be <br />approved as read, seconded by Villson, and carried. <br />The Village pay rolls having beeh duly examined and faund correct, <br />it was moved by dillaon they be duly allowed and ordered paid, <br />seconded by Jyatt, arid carried. They are a3 folloi?~: <br />Carl Jesterberg <br />Ben B, Xoore <br />George ii. Jillson <br />Victor Irgens <br />Alvin 3, I'lyatt <br />John J. Uuggaii <br />Dr. ~3. 8. Erickson <br />T. E, filly <br />E, Ua4iL T. S. Heydt <br />John Lyon <br />Ralgh Joh.nson <br />Sam -3oberts <br />Pet e Dahlgr en <br />Jolm Tracy <br />I;. Stolzman <br />Simon Strand R. Gibbish <br />Arthur Petersen <br />P. A. Johnson <br />I. Curnroinga <br />J. Goettleman <br />Donald Hoeg <br />John Tracy, Jr. <br />Thomas lite <br />Oscar droslin <br />Joseph &tali <br />=is Pederson <br />3. Bergroff <br />Joseph Xerfeld <br />L. Eansen <br />Harold EcUellia <br />3arold Ec3ellis <br />James Bowes <br />John Olsola <br />Kay Gam is on <br />A. C. Szringer <br />Ronald Port <br />James EcUellia <br />James EcCellis <br />Lester ."Tans en <br />Sam EcCready <br />E. Ensley <br />Zatt EerPeld <br />drank 20 od s <br />George 3hilson <br />J. A, DOanens 8 Son <br />Z0 T, Dodge <br />0. E, Symde <br />Is r' 50.00 kresident <br />Be corder 90.00 <br />Trustee 35.00 <br />Trustee 35.00 <br />Treasurer 30.00 <br />Health Officer LO.00 <br />Village Liarahall 170,UU <br />Police Officer 150 .OQ <br />Police OPficer 150 e 00 <br />Police Officer 140 0Q <br />Jtreet Coinissioner 175 .OO <br />Trsc tor Operat or 135 .00 <br />das'c . Tractar Operator 1%5,OQ <br />125.00 Asst, 3oad Soreman <br />Carpenter lsbor 56.00 <br />hn 8: %ruck 12.00 <br />Garbsge CoPlection(Uec.) 333.32 <br />i3oad Labor 15.00 <br />14.00 Road hhor <br />15 .OO Road Labor <br />Road Labor 16.00 <br />Aoad Labor 15 .QO <br />Road hbor 15.00 <br />Road hbor 30.00 <br />Koad &mor 15 .OZt <br />doad Labor d9.50 <br />Road Labor 10.00 <br />Koad Labor 3-5,00 <br />iioad Labor 22.00 <br />Tractor Operator 16.eO <br />Road Labor 27.50 <br />Road Labor 16.00 <br />Road Labor 19 . 60 <br />Xan &Tern 62.00 <br />K d 3 - W2k 25 . UO ksst. Road Foreman 135,%0 <br />Asst . Road Eloreraan 129 000 <br />Truck Hire lZbo00 <br />Truck Sire 97,50 <br />Road Waor 6 .OO <br />131 , 00 Xoad Labor <br />Road Labor 110 ,oo <br />Asst . Road &'oreman 95.60 <br />Xoad Labor 20 .00 <br />Ean & Truc:: 26.70 <br />ÔéČIan & Truck 26.25 <br />23,50 2;1,2rl S= Truck <br />Trustee 35,Oo <br />Utiliky man 140.00 <br />Ehe Eiscellaneous Bills upon having been duly examined and found <br />cozrect, mere on motion Irgens they be duly allmed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by ifillson and Carried. They are as follaas: