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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina, held in Grange Hall on mrch 10. 1941, at 8:OO otclock p.m. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members of the council were present, <br />Kinutes of the regular meeting af the CounaS1. held an February <br />, 27,- 1941, were read, on motion Billson, they be approved as read, <br />seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />The Village pay roll having been examined and found correct, was <br />an motion ViPlson it be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded <br />by Wyatt and carried, and as follows: <br />Carl Westerberg 9r es id ent $ 50.00 <br />Ben B. Noore Recorder 90 . 00 <br />George A. Willson Trustee 35.00 Pictar Irgens Trustee 35.00 <br />Alvin S. Vyatt Trustee 35.00 <br />JO.~ J. Duggan Treasurer 30.00 Village Earshall 185.00 T. E. Tilly A <br />W'. S. Heydt, PoEice Officer 160.00 <br />SofhljL VI. Lyon Police Officer 160 . 00 R . J. Jahns on Street Commissioner 180 , 00 <br />S. J. Raberts Utilityman 145.00 <br />I?. Dahlgrea Tract or Operator 145.00 <br />John Tracy Truck Driver 135 . 00 <br />L. Stolgman Asst. Road Foreman 135 . 00 <br />Q.,M. Spande Asst , Road Fareman 125.00 <br />RonaLd Port Asst. Road Foreman 125 .OO <br />-. <br />Hilding Dah1 Police Officer 1tiO;QO' <br />James McNellis Truck hire @ $1.25 hr. 35.00 <br />James McNellis Truck hire @ $1.00 hr. 82.00 <br />3am XcCready Road Labor 97.00 <br />H. Ensley Raad Labar 27.00 <br />Prank Woods Road Labor 27.00 <br />hthur Peters en Flawing Snow with Truck 54.00 <br />Ray Garrison LabW with Team 26.00 <br />Lester Hanson Road labor 14.50 Kris Pedersen Road labor '13.00 <br />Os car Wos lin Road labor 3.00 <br />Thomas Zite Road labor 8.50 <br />Silas Herrett Rsad labor 8.50 <br />Albert Young Road labor 8.50 <br />James 'BQwes Road labor 8.50 <br />Joseph Natoli Road labor 8.50 <br />PJ Donald Hoeg Road labar 8.50 <br />P. H. &&cison Road labor 4,50 @3 <br />Robert Norell Road labor 8.50 d <br />T4 E. Merfeld Road labor 93.00 <br />QZ 3ohn Tracy, Jr. Road labor 8.50 <br />C. A. Green Loader Operat or 10.15 <br />George Shilson Use of Truck 77.03 <br />A. C. Stringer WPA - R &% March 25.00 <br />Jm A. Danens Use of TruckR &B 21.75 Tatal $ <br />The miscellaneous bills upon being examined <br />and fourjd correct, were on motion Irgens, they <br />be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Vilkson, and carried. <br />They are as follows: <br />City of Minneapolis PoXice car radio service 48.98 <br />Emma Tedman Gas for R $R 44.17 <br />AIex Cr e ight an Bdg . Inspect or- January 118.65 <br />Ninneapolis G.E. Co. February service 657.93 <br />Vest gat e Hat or Sales Truck service 8,50 <br />No-W. Bell Telephone Co, 2 Alphabetical listings 3,OO <br />Arthur Petersen February garbage collection 364.00 <br />E. W. Harris Gas for R &B and police car 144.84 <br />Simon Strand Rent Tobl Shed 15.00