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, <br />Xinulies of the regular <br />meeting of the Council. of <br />Grange HqI1 an Narch 24, 1941 <br />at 8:00 O'cIock p. m. <br />the Village of Xdina, held in <br />The meeting -as called to order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present, <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of tihe Council held on mrch 10, 1941 and the recessed portions.of the same meeting duly held on Uarch <br />11, and &rch 18, were read, on motion Willson, they be approved as read, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />Advertised bids mere opened for pump for well for To61 House as <br />f ollovs t <br />Earl Blaylack [installed 1 #196.00 <br />Tom Ehatzko Ca. (not installed) $163.50 <br />Bairbanks Xorse & Coo (installed) $174 . 70 R. R. Hovel1 Co, (installed) $183.15 <br />Whereupon i% was moved Willson they be referred to Road &Bridge <br />Committee for tabulation eC recommendation, seconded by Efoore <br />and carried. <br />D. 3'. BScGuire and others appeared before the Council nith reference <br />to rezoning Lots 29, 30, 31, and 32, Block 3, Grand View Heights. After discussion the matter was referred to meeting of the Council <br />to be held on Xarch 31, 1941. <br />The Village pay roll advances having Been carefully noted and found <br />correct, it was moved by Villson they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Emre and carried. <br />It was moved by Villson that bills and accounts of Joint Sewer <br />District No. 1, as represented by Recorder's Warrants numbered <br />390 to 394, both inclusive, be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Hoore and carried. <br />A number of residents of Bruceqood Addition were present to request <br />that curb and gutter be installed. The proposition after discussion <br />was referred to Road & Bridge Committee SC Village Engineer. <br />3. Rees, presented proposed platting of Southridge Addition vhich <br />on motion Xoore, be referred to Road & Bridge Committee and Village <br />Engineer, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />matter of tabulation and recommendation of pump for Tool House had been referred, recommended and moved the purchase of the EcDonald- Sterling pump from Earl Blaylock @ $196.00 installed complete, and certified checks of other bidders be returned, seconded by Irgens <br />and carried. <br />Application received frm Xinneapolis Gas Light Company for per- <br />mission to lay 427 feet of 3@ gas main in and along Brookview Ave. <br />betveen 53 and 54 Streets, mas on motion Vyatt be granted, seconded <br />Eoore and carried. <br />.r) ._ Chairman Willson, of the Road and Bridge Committee, to whom the -. <br />r. <br />e- -- <br />After discussion it was moved by Villson that %he sum of .,4r2000.00 be temporarily-loaned from General Bund to Sewer District Ro. 5 <br />Fund, seconded by Xoore and carried. <br />After discussion it mas moved by Eoare that the recommendation of Pillage Engineer and Village Attorney be concured in and that <br />checks be drawn against the several Sever funds and in favor of the <br />Barnett &Record Company, in final payments as follows: <br />Sewer District ITo. 5 $1212.25 Seaer District No. 6 $ 601.45 Sever District No. 7 $1339.29 <br />seconded by Irgens and carried.