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LEnutes o the regular meeting o the Council <br />of the Village of-Edina, held-in Grange Hall <br />on April 28th, 190, at 8:OO o'clock p. IL <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called and all <br />members of the Council rrere present except Trustee Wyatt. <br />Zinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on April I&, 194l, and <br />the recessed portions of the same meeting duly held on April 21, l9U, and <br />April 24, 1941, were read. On motion Irgens they be approved as read, <br />seconded by TYillson and carried. <br />The Village and Road Crew payroll advances, together with bill of Village of <br />St. Louis Park for fire depa&ment service in amount of $90.00, and statement <br />of Lametti and Lametti for contract installation of water main ia and along <br />Vooddale Avenue from Golf Terrace to West 55th Street, to be assessed against <br />the benefited property, duly recommended for payment by Village Attorney grid <br />approved for payment by Village Ehgineer, in total amount $1581.44, per bid, <br />were on motion FJiuson duly allowed and ordered pdd, seconded by Irgens and <br />carried. <br />D. F. XcGuire offered surveyor's proposed plat of part of the Darcy farm, lo- <br />cated near the intersection of West 70th Street and Cahill Road, which was <br />referred to Road and Bridge Committee. <br />Messrs. Jackson and Prouse presented additional signers for water main exten- <br />sion on Wooddale, Kellogg, Oaklavm and Brookview Avenues. <br />Attorney Perry R. Hoore of Stinchfield, EdackaU, Crounse and Moore, and <br />Village Attorney Holten discussed at length the recent court decision by <br />Judge Montgomery and recommended that appeal be taken, whereupon Trustee <br />Willson moved that the attorneys for the Village be authorized and directed <br />to perfect an appeal to Supreme Court from decision of Judge uontgomery in <br />case of Country Club District Service Company vs. Village of Edina, seconded <br />byldoore and declared unanimously carried. <br />Bids as advertised were received on one Police Car, as follows: <br />Hayden Motor Company: <br />ll9Q Ford V-8 Deluxe lpdoor, per advertised <br />requirements, net. ............................ .%: 359.00 i. <br />Edina Garage: <br />4 <br />1190 Plymouth &door Deluxe, per advertised <br />requirements, net. ............................ .$ 467.00 <br />Dahlberg Bros.: 1l94l Ford V-8 Deluxe &-door, per advertised <br />requirements, net. ............................. .$ 399.77 <br />which on motion Eloore, be referred to Police Committee for tabulation and <br />recommendation, seconded Irgens and carried. <br />The matter of enacting an ordinance regulating Oil Filling Stations came be- <br />fore the Council, with affected residents being both for and against all <br />night operation. After considerable discussion, Uoore moved the proposition <br />go over to the regular meeting of the Council. to be held on May %thy <br />seconded by Irgens and cwEed. <br />Oscar Gaarden advised the Council that an additional deep well, pump, house <br />and lot would cost about $10,000.00, and that, it would take 60 days or more <br />in which to have ready for use. <br />25th was read, advising that an adequate water supply was desirable. No <br />action was taken on the matter, it being brought out in the discussion that <br />if an emergency developed, that additional water might be procured from the <br />City of Uinneapolis, or that lawn sprinkling could be restricted during peak <br />load hours, if necessary. <br />It was moved by PJillson that the application of Weap0X.s Gas Light COmPW? <br />for permission to lay 600 feet of gas main in and along Uerilane Road, from <br />Lot 18 to Lot 20, be granted, seconded Irgens and carried. <br />A letter from Fire Underwriters dated April <br />I