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Xinzutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, duly <br />held in Grange Hall. on my 12, 1941, at 8.00 o'cLock FU. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present, <br />Xinutes of the regular noee3irzg of the Connctib held on April 28, <br />1941, and reeessed portions of the same meeting duly held on <br />April 29, 1941, April 309 19419 and Hay 5, 1941, were read. <br />On motion Fillson, they be approved as read, seconded by Vyatt <br />and carried. <br />The blfiscellaneous bilLs upon being duly examined aad found to <br />be correct, were on motion \Tillson, they Be duly alloned aad ordered paid, seconded by Vyatt, and carried. They are as <br />follows~ <br />Village St Louis Park <br />Lametti SS Lametti <br />Arthur Fe tersem <br />Simon Strarrcf <br />Emma Tedman <br />Hinneapolis G. E. Co. <br />Alex Creighton S. J. Fatusch <br />City Minneapolis <br />Miller-Davis Co <br />Oscar Roberts & Co N-T? Bell Telephone Co <br />Village of Hopkins <br />Globe Office Furniture Ca <br />Suburban Henvrepin County <br />Relief Board <br />Glacier Sand & Gravel 00 <br />Rural Henvrepin County Surplus <br />E-17 Bell Telephone (20 E. V. Johnson Culvert Co <br />'27. H. Ziegler Company <br />T. t"d. Rosholt Company <br />E. A. Rogers Company <br />HemepiB County Review <br />RepuBlic Creosotirrg Company <br />Eimus Ilntadaen <br />Gardner Hardware Company <br />Edina Bardvrare <br />tdJm Nesek <br />Commidity Codttae <br />5us %us Lumber C ompany <br />Edipa Hardware <br />Thompson Lumber Co <br />Boreyts Shell Station <br />J. A. Danens eC Son . <br />Garvey Hardware <br />Clarence 0. Holten <br />Simon Strand <br />S. 5. Pautsch! <br />Oscar Roberts & Company H. V. Johnson Culvert Co <br />Tire Dept semiee <br />Booddale Water main <br />April garbage collection <br />Gas for R&B <br />April service <br />April Bdg Insp fees <br />April Plum0ing insp fees <br />Tire DepL service <br />Office supplies <br />Gravel <br />TEA Sewing <br />Desks 8 &airs <br />Rent 3/25 - 4/15 <br />mho 1666 <br />$45.00 <br />1581.44 <br />373 . 45 <br />15.00 <br />40.46 <br />585.06 <br />167.60 <br />145.50 <br />11.01 <br />17.50 <br />5.97 <br />13 75 <br />7.00 <br />62.25 <br />.* f <br />April direct Relief 468.88 <br />Roadf. gravel 122.48 <br />April service 25.88 <br />Wa. 5494 extension - final 80 <br />Road culverts 202.70 <br />Barrow & Brooms 36.80 <br />Blue prints 9.28 <br />Pub. nat<ices & printing 134.25 <br />Road tar 89.35 <br />Cement work-tool house 2.40 <br />Tool house door part 22 15 <br />Hardware-tool house 45.00 <br />Sheet Metal contract-tool <br />house 211 . 02 <br />Sewer pipe 8.40 R&B supplies 10.06 <br />753 hrs gas shovel 7 truck 254.82 <br />\ Tract or parts 9.00 <br />lumber 1'7.03 <br />Truck service 2.83 <br />R&B supplies 11.70 <br />Village Attorney 75eOO Rent 4/15 to 5/15 15.00 <br />December plumbing inspections166.20 <br />Sand 7.73 <br />Road culverts 90.79 <br />Total 85211054 <br />The Village and Road bills upon having been duly examined and found correct9 mere on motion Villson, they be duly allowe6 and <br />ordered paid, seconded by Vyatt, a,nd carried. They are as <br />f olxopus~ <br />Carl VesterBesg President , ' AEag 50eOO <br />Ben €3. Noore RecoriEer 90,oo <br />George A, Billson Trustee 35.00 <br />Tictor Irgens Trustee 35 0 00 <br />A. So Vyatt Trustee 35e00