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Einutes of the regulsr meeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />Ereld in Grange HaXl on Nay 26, 1941, <br />at 8.00 o'clock POXo <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called <br />and all mem0ers of the Council, were present. <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on Kay 12, 1941, <br />and the recessed portion of the same meeting held on Esay 19, 1941, <br />mere read. seconded by Irgerrs, and carriedo <br />The Village Pay roll advances having been carefully noted and <br />found correct, mere on motion Willson, they be duly allowed and <br />ordered paid, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />The matter of granting license to Ashley Brooks, to operate taxi- <br />cabs togather with operation of an all night gas service station <br />including towing service at West 50%h Street and Halifax Avenue, was discussed at length by interested residents, marry of whom <br />especially opposed the all night operation of a gas service station. After considerable discussion, Aktorney Shattuck, on behalf of <br />Er Brooks, suggested a 11.15 P.E. for the present 01: <br />until Sep-Eemher 1st. next, in order to ascertain how such a pro- gram might rzorlr out, After further discussion, it was later . <br />moved by Irgerms, that all activity at the Brooks-Pure Oil station <br />located at Vest 50th Street and Halifax Avenue, cease a% 11.15 Pa, <br />seconded by Billson, and carried. <br />On motion Willson, tbey be approved as corrected+:- <br />Trustee Irgens, thereupon moved, that temporary license be granted <br />AsBley-BrdoRs agd eztp.7Xed %o the first regular meeting of the <br />Couneil to Ere held in July, 1941, to operate Taxi service in the <br />Village of Edina, seconded by Xoore, and carried. <br />Petition signed by practically all of the interested property <br />owners, mas presented to the Council for the opening up of an <br />alley or street at about Vest 49* Street, Vest of France Avenue, <br />wherein all costs, including the acquisition of land for same, <br />vzould be assessed against the benefited property. Recorder EToore <br />thereupon moTed that the petition be received and referred to the Road & Bridge Comit*tee of the Counc$l for investigation aEd report to the Council, seconded by Irgens and carried, . <br />Petition mas receiTed from residents to oil Fuller Street from Trance Avenue, East to Beard Avenue, and referred to the Road 8c Bridge Committee for report. <br />The matter of cutting and destroying obnoxious weeds in and <br />about the Village, mas presented the Conncil by €H&erd'e'gney <br />meed inspector, After discussion the matter vas left with <br />the President and Road & Bridge Committee, for attention. <br />r- - .- <br />'? -. <br />1 <br />Residents of Colonial Grove Addition, having completed at their om expense the ins$allation of 7 ornamefitall stkeet lights, askedthat the Village take oyer the item of furnishing illvmin- ation for same. Eoore thereupon moved that the requesf Be <br />granted and Presisent authorized to sign necessary papers <br />therefore, seconaed by Wyatt and carried. <br />Xessrs Eeary, Blackburn and Vestphal, appeared before the <br />Council to &-vise that Vooddale Lane needed grading and other <br />road work done nhich was referred to the Road SC Bridge Committee, <br />Bids, as advertised, for road oil and/or mad tar, vere opened and read aloud from the following concerns: <br />Jay V. Craig Company, certified check $llO.OO <br />SC-1, 2 or 3, Road Oil heated-applied 0 8.08 per gal. <br />E:C-1,2 or 3, Cut-back asphalt It ($009 It It <br />TC-I, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Road Tar n $0105 11 <br />Repu'T3Lic Creosoting Company, certified check $110,00 <br />Road Tar, heated arxd applied 0 $.lo35 per gal, <br />All above to be in distributor lots with quality to meet the <br />Einnesota State Highway Specs and were referred to Road & Bridge <br />Committee for reDort and recommendation.