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Einu-Ees of the recessed portion of <br />the regular June 9, 1941, meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />duly held in Grange Hzl'E. on Sum 16, 1941, at 8.00 otcLock ELe <br />The meeting mas called to order by the Pmsident, the roll calXed. and all members present except the Recorder, absent frdm the <br />Village on account of attending the anmal League of Ninnesota - Ilunicipa15ties convention at Tinona. <br />Trustee Villson mo~ed, that Trustee Irgens seme as Recorder <br />Pro-Tem, seconded by Trgstee Vyatt, and carriedt whereupon <br />Trustee lrgens assumed the duties of Recorder Pro-Tern, <br />Bids for materials for Sewer District No. 89 having Been duly <br />advertised as.required by Law in the HennepiYr County Review and <br />The Improvement Bulletin, having been previously receiv-ed and <br />read aloud in regular raeetirzg and referre& to Village Engineer BradEey for tabulation and recommendation, were duly considered <br />by the Council. <br />Trustee T:/ilEson thereupon moved to aece'ipt the bid of Lznders, <br />NorBlom,Chsistensen CompaBy, for cement in paper sacks 8 $2.4'? net Be$ barrel, delivered fob job site, seconded by I7ya.G.t; aFd <br />carried, <br />Trustee Vyatt moved that the bid of Oscar Roberts & Company, be <br />accepted for washed gravel @ $1.19 per ton and washed sand W <br />58g per ton delivered fob job site, less 2% cash discount 30 <br />days, seconded by Vill_son and carried. <br />/. k <br />J <br />t <br />\ 1 <br />Trustee Vyatt moved to accept the bid of Lewis Rut'and Bolt Coo, <br />standard., & $33.00 per hundked, delivered fob Job site, seconded <br />by Vilkson, and carried. <br />i for 314~ galvanized man hole steps, aceording to Uinneapokis k' <br />Trustee ViLEson, moved that the bid of The American Brake Shoe <br />& Boundry Cornpay be accepted to furnish man hole rings and covers k <br />63 $15.00 each net 30 days delivered fob job site as required, seconded by Tyatt and carriecl. <br />Trustee Yyatt, moved to accept the bid of Tlorthley-Cement Products <br />discount delivered fob .job site as required, seconded by ?'fillson and carried. <br />e/ Company, for 6'' cement manhole blocks 0 12$ each, less 2$ cash LS' <br />Trustee TiXXson, moved to accept the bib of A. A. SkaLski Supply Company, for plumber's spun oakum G" $8.20 per 100 Ibs and also <br />Kalkite Sewer Jointing Compound @ $97,00 per ton, less 2% caah <br />discount 30 days, delivered fob job site as required, seconded by Vyatt and- carried, <br />On account of bu% 1 bid having been seeeised for sheeting and :-, '4 w- <br />the bid of Thomas P. Bradley, Duluth, and re-advepkise, seconded <br />by Vyatt, and carried. <br />/' <br />x <br />bracing lumber and timbers, Trustee T7illaon moved to reject <br />aSr Alferrill Eatchinson, omer of all the land, presented suveyor@s <br />propose'dk plat. of "SkyZirretg Addition, whick after study was on <br />motion by Irgens, be referred to Village Engineer and Road and <br />Bridge Committee, seconded by Vilkson and carried. <br />Xr Brown, 318 John Street, appeared 'before the Council to request <br />road signs aDd street oiling and duly referred to the Rpad and <br />Bridge Committee, <br />Propose6 plat of Bonglass Reesep for Sauthribge Addition at Yest <br />54th Street and Halifax Avenne, was referred to'the Road PC Bribge <br />Cormnithe.