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C <br />Uintxtes of the regnlar meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, <br />held in Grange Hall on June 23$ 1941, <br />8.t 8.00 O'ClOCk PILL <br />The meeting was called to order By the PreBident, the roll called and all mem0ers of the Council were present, <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on <br />June 9, 1941, were read, On motion Irgens they be approved as read and minutes of the recessed portion of the same SeetiPrg held on June 16, 1941, be read at the regular <br />meetiPag 'to be held on July 14, 3941, seconded Villson, <br />and carried .' <br />The Tillage pay roll. advances having been carefully noted <br />and found csrrect as entered in time book,, Irgens maved they <br />be duly allawed and ordered paid, seconded by I'Jillson and <br />carried. <br />Xtr Xeerrill Eutchisasorr being -present., the Road & Bridge Corn- <br />mittee and Tillage Engineer Bradley, reported an the matter <br />of acceptance of Skyline Addition plat as submitted to the <br />Council and €o:.yham' du2z':ref erred at the June 16$ 1941, <br />meeting of the Council, After report and discussion of <br />the matter, Trustee Villson moved that the proposed surveror 'a plat af Skyline Addition, Hennepin County, Ninrmesota, be <br />duly accepted and the President of the Village Council. and <br />Villa@ Recorder, be authorized and empowered to sign and seal <br />same for and on behalf of the VilIage Ccrumcil, seconded by <br />Xmre and declared unanimously carried, <br />Er Earshall. Shilsan, appeared before the Council. to ask <br />permit to operate an Auto Livery at Vest 54th Street and <br />France Avenue , After discussion, Trustee Villson moved to refer the matter to the PoPice Committee with request for <br />report to the Camx5il by July 14, 1941, meeting, seconded <br />by Eoore and carried. <br />* Lund, requested storm water &6d_aizlconditioning cooling: <br />water disposal for new Hove store building on Lot 36, Aud- itor's Sub 172, After discussion, Irgens moved to refer <br />the matter to Village Engineer Bradley, E: econded by &ore <br />and carried. <br />IT2 J, Bank Ecklurid, presented proposed plat of Tkite Oaks, <br />6th Addition, which oa motion Willson, beyreferred ta Road & - Bridge Cmmittee and Village Engineer BradXep for study and <br />x report to the Ca,uncil, seconded By Irgens and carried. <br />Engineer Bradley, presented tabulation of bids received at <br />June 9, 1941, meeting of the Ccruncil, for installation of water mains ia and alang Wooddale, Kellagg, Oakland, Brook- <br />viem,-EEirk &d Vest 56th Street, South Harriet Park Addition <br />and South of West 54th Street. After d&scussiaPr, Trustee <br />Irgens moved that the award be made &d4=ntract be let to, <br />the Barnett Ec Record Campany, low bidders at a total price - <br />of $20,680.36, subject to the contract being approved by the <br />Village Attorney and the Council and the President and Rec- <br />order &tnthor~zsd-and,empowered to execute the necessary papers, seconded by Eoore. The roll upon being called found five <br />ayes and no nays and so declared unanimously carried. <br />After discussion of the matter, Trustee Villaon, moved that <br />Curb and Gutter be installed in and along Indianola Avenue <br />South from West 50th Street, to West 51st,, using WPA labor and assessing the other than labor costs against the benefited and to be financed fron General Pund, seconded by Irgens and <br />carried. <br />-fi