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Einutes of reqessed fmctioq of regular June <br />23, 1941, meeting of the Co.urrciI. of the Village af Edina, duly held in Grange Hall on June 24, <br />1941, at 8.00 o'clock PE, <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll called, and all members of the Council vere present, <br />Several bidders mho had submitted bids at the June 16, 1941, meeting of the Council on fire department equipnent were <br />, present and the Caluncil considered each bLd and the different <br />kirtds and types of equipment separatcely. Several bidders and others spoke in favor variaus equipment, <br />After much discussion, Recorder Eoore moved ta accept the <br />bid of the Flaur City Body Corporation, to furnish this Village with the following: <br />1 International X$ ton 1941 madel K-5 chassis, 93 HE 6 cyl, mator, with northern 2 stage 500 GPE @ 120 lbs. pressure <br />centrifugal pump, relief valve, vacuum gauges and two 2*" <br />discharge gate valves, three 10 ft, lengths of 41t non-collap- sible suction hose, 200 gallon boaster tank with concave tap, compartment body and twa compartments for 1500 feet 2*'t and <br />500 feet hose, 2 rear pick up lights, 1 Bederal madel <br />Y type electric siren, 1 pair electric hand lan$erns, 1 elec- tric DFetz search light, 2 sets Duo-Safety 28 ft, extension ladders, 2 roof ladders ea& 16ft, 1 pike pBLe and holder, <br />1 B$ck head axe, 1 craw bar, 1 hose reel with 150 feet of <br />ltt hose and shutoff nazzle, 1 - 2-2 gallon foam extinguisher, <br />2 hand ~ump tanks -eakh.@.hth 35 feet of hose and rmzzre, 1. <br />pair nozzle standards, 1 set body railings, 1 straight I-$'' <br />Akron ball type no.zzle and one fog type l*" nozzle, 2 ball type 2*ttnazzles with 1" and 1+lt tips, 1 - 4* strainer, 1 - Z&* strainer, 1-2* to 4n hydrant adapter, 2 - 10 ft lengths af 29*t non-collapsible suction hose, 1 motor tackometer, 1 heat exchanger, L2$- x 1-& x 1% Siamese ItYtk , DeXux finish with - <br />gafd leaf stripirmg, decorations and lettering, chrome plated and polished fittings, complete,aubject to inspection and approval and acceptance by Fire Undermriters Inspection Bureau, delivered fob Edina, Minnesota, for the sum of $3715.00. The motion vas seconded 'by Trustee Villson, the roll called <br />and Irgens, Villson, Vyatt and Eoore voted in favor %hereof and Vesterberg moted Bo and thereupon declared passed and <br />carried. <br />declared the meeting recessed to meet again at the same time and place on June 30, 1941, for the purpase of considering <br />3300 80 :* <br />Y Bo further bussiness to come before the meeting, the President -I <br />the installation of lateral sanitary severs in Sewer District '*, " <br />Village Recorder