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Enutes of the recessed portion of the regular <br />July 14, 194X, meeting of the Cauncil of the <br />Village of Edina, duly heEd in Grange Ea11 on <br />JULY 2X, X943, at 8.00 o'clock PolEo <br />The meeting mas called to m6e2 by the President, the ro3.3. called and all memhers of the Coluacil vere present, <br />The President advised that he had called a meeting for the <br />purpose of forming a volunteer fire department, to be held <br />DLscnssian was had w&th reference to fnstalhtion of Lateral <br />Saaitary sewers in District Eo, 8, nhLch was left for further <br />engineering report. <br />.-' )r-- <br />''[;/ <br />'*' L in Grange Ha= on July 22, B941, at 8.00 a'cxock PE, I <br />Xa further business to come befare the meetirrg motion to adjourn <br />carried at 10.45 Pm, <br />Village Recorder.