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, 2Q3 <br />Uinutes of the <br />July 28, 19419 <br />of the Village <br />Grange Hall on <br />O'C~OC~ ma <br />The meeting was called to order <br />recessed portion of the <br />meeting of the Council of Edinra, duly held in <br />August 6, 1941, at 8aOO <br />by the President, the roll <br />called, ana all members of the Council vere present. <br /># The folloving bills and accounts of Sever District Xo. 8, <br />upon being duly examined and found correct, were OD motion 'I Uoore, they be- duly alloved and r5rdered paid, seconded by <br />Irgens, and carried. They are as fo'Llons in total amount <br />of $4,979,822 <br />Henry L. Bell <br />A. C. Stringer <br />J.A.Danens & Son <br />J.A.DanePts & Son <br />Varner Hardrrare Company <br />L.7T.Northf ield Company <br />X-%'BeLl TeILepErone Co <br />S.J.Groves &k Soas @O <br />Improvement Bulletin <br />Landers , Norblom, <br />Christensen Company <br />Baker Eanfg. Company <br />Oscar Roberts Company <br />Edina Hardvare <br />Edina Feed Co <br />Vorthley Concrete P,Co <br />A.AmSkaZski Supply Co <br />American C.1 Pipe Co <br />C .F.Ashton, assigned to Uidlarmd N.B.T.Co <br />N-T7 Bell Telephone Co Varner Hardware Co <br />Eagneto Service Co <br />EiIfer-Davis Company <br />Eorey's Shell. Stam <br />Uptoxm Iron Store <br />CoE.E;lein Brick Co <br />TGLliazns Hardvare Co <br />lIinneapolis Equpt .Go <br />Landers,Nor'iSXom, <br />Christensen Coo <br />American CI Pipe Co <br />Torthley Concrete Poco <br />Eerrnepin District <br />Edina Hardnare <br />Oscar Roberts tk Co <br />Enneapolis Iron Store <br />Ervin PTeiffer <br />Boiler Inspect or <br />Bidland Eat1 Bank PC T. <br />Company, assigned <br />by V.H.Zieg1er Co <br />ft was moved by Uoore, <br />Lithographing Company, <br />Village sewer inspector <br />Labor <br />Gas-Eay & June <br />Gas shovel rental 5/5 to 5/29 Invoice 517 & 5/12 Invoices 52519052682 <br />Telephone VA 6567 <br />Air compressor rental Erch <br />April and Uay 1=! $175.00 moa <br />$175 eo0 <br />25 e00 <br />699ogO <br />758 a 16 <br />12.60 <br />135 -85 <br />19.10 <br />525000 <br />Advertisements 3728 4/4 4/11, <br />5/g0 5/l6* 5/23, 5/20, 1941. 57eOO <br />5/23, 5/27, <br />&Y my, supplies eC hardmre <br />Burlap sacks Invoices 5 5 and 5/7 Invoice 5 / 12/41. Invoice 5/lO <br />376,13 <br />29a47 <br />'14 rn 60 <br />21a58 <br />1038 - <br />lOla02 <br />74.22 <br />13.50 <br />368071 <br />9.55 <br />25 e35 <br />9.26 <br />la95 <br />?.24 <br />4eOO <br />. 15010 <br />13.40 <br />8.44 <br />Invoices 5126,6,/4 SC 6/5 <br />Telephone TlAa 6567 <br />* .. -. Invoices 5128a 6/2, 614, <br />6/16. 6117, 6/24, 6/26, in total amount of Invoice 5/37 <br />Invoice 110a46 -2- <br />328.50 <br />33.50 <br /><. .- - <br />Insp, 2 air compressors 6/16 6mOO <br />Hardware eC SuppZi.rrs June 18 024 <br />Sand ik Gravel, June 202.16 In-uoives 6/5, 7/? eC 7/8 8a95 <br />Eq. 150.Hrs labor gas shoTel <br />operator 0 $1.50 hr July 225 a 00 <br />1st payment on 15-B Burycrus-Erie <br />Gas shovel 452a8'7 <br />t? :'& - , 9'79.82 Total. <br />that the bill of Poacher Printing and <br />for 3 Supplemental warrants for Sewer <br />District No.-7, En ambpnt: bf.,$9a64; beJdezE$ alldymlrand~.ordered <br />paid, seconded Irgens and carried,