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e <br />Einutes of the recessed portion of <br />the regular October 27, 1941, meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of <br />Edina, duly held in Grange Hall on <br />Eovember 5, 1941 at 8:OO ofclock P.E. <br />The meeting vas called to order by the President, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present, <br />The Recorder read notice which had been sent out to a considerable number of Bond and Inv.estment Institutions by Village Attorney <br />Holten, for the sale of Sewer District No. 8, warrants, There- <br />upon representives of Thrall-West Go., J. &I. Dain & Company, <br />The Uilwaukee Company, Pipee-Jeffery & Hopmood , and others <br />advised they would not bid. ilk. Quist on behalf af E. E, 7ood <br />d Company, advised that he would bid and presented certified <br />check payable to the Village of Edina in amount of $2,660.00, <br />and bid par and 4-&$ interest. <br />Recorder Eoore offered the following resalutian and moved its <br />adoption I <br />BI.3 IT RBSOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Bdina, <br />Hennepin County, Einnesota, as fallaws : <br />negotiable coupon sewer warrants on account of Sever District Ho. <br />8, of said Village, said warrants to be 266 in number and <br />numbered 1 to 266, both inclusive; all of said warrants to be <br />in the denomination of $500,00 each, to bear date Xovember lst, <br />1941 bearing interest at the rate of 4% percent per annwn, <br />payable January lst, 1943, and thereafter semi-annually on the <br />1st day of July and the 1st day of January, in each year, in <br />accordance with appropriate interest coupons to be thereto . <br />attached, and to mature serially on January lst, in the amount of <br />.$13;000.00 each year, from 1943 to 1945 inclusive, from 1947 <br />to 1949 inclusive, and 1952; and in the amount of $14,000.00 <br />in the years 1946, 1950 and 1951. <br />2. Both princi@al and interest of said warrants shall be payable at Eirst Hational Bank and Trust Company of Ninneapolis, <br />Ninneapolis Xinnesota, Said warrants and the coupons thereto <br />attached shall be in substantially the following form: <br />1. The Village shall forthmith issue and sell $133,000.00, <br />UNITED STATES OB AlEEaICA, STATE OF EUmSOTB <br />COUETY OF KEX~~PIlJ , <br />VILLAGE OF DIBA <br />I?umber . $ 500.00 <br />The Treasurer of the Village of Edina, Eennepin County, Einne- <br />sota, mill pay to the bearer hereof from Sewer District Ro. 8 <br />Fund of said Village. the sum of FrVE HUKDRED DOLLARS in any <br />co'in or currency vihich on the date of payment is legal tender <br />for public and+priaate debts on the first day of January, 194-, <br />with interest thereon at the rate of 4s percent per annum, <br />payable January lsE, 1943,, and thereafter semi-annually on the <br />1st day of July and the 1st day of January, in each year, in <br />accordance with and upon presentation and surrender of the L <br />attached interest coupons as they severally become due, both principal and interest being payable at: <br />First National Bank and Trust Company of <br />Einneapolis, Einneapolis, Einnesota, <br />This warrant is one of a series of warrants in the aggregate <br />principal amount of $133,000.00, and is issued by said Village