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. 37 <br />Minutes of the regular meeting <br />of the Council of the Village <br />of Edina, held in Grange Hall on January 26, 1942, at 8:OO <br />o*clock P. K. <br />f <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll called <br />and a11 members of the Council were present. <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on January 12, <br />1942, and the recessed portion of the same meeting duly held on <br />January 19, 1942, were read, on motion Willson they be approved <br />as read, seconded by Gebo and carried. <br />Eessrs. Stanley Gray, Dewinter, and Converse, appeared before the Council to inquire status of Nil1 Pond, and were advised the temporary dam would be removed and that the dirt removed from <br />sewer trench would be evened off as soon as frost and other ground <br />conditions would permit . <br />The matter of rezoning that part of 2rance Avenue between T?. 49th and Vest 50th Street, not at present zoned for Community store <br />purposes, duly referred to this meeting, next came before the <br />Council with interested residents being present, After consider- <br />able discussion President Sharpe suggested the advisability of a <br />Council Committee studying the proposition and reporting to the Council, whereupon Hoore moved that the President be so empowered seconded by Billson and carried. The President thereupon appointed <br />Trustees Gebo and '{Jyatt, with request the report be ready by the <br />second meeting in February if possible. <br />Bids for lumber to provide quarters for Edina Volunteer Fire <br />Department, 5n Tool House, as advertised, and accompanied by certified checks, were opened and read aloud: <br />Jusths Lumber Co. net $348 . 15 <br />Thompson Lumber Co. 360.00 <br />upon examination it was found that the bid of Thompson Lumber Co. <br />was subject to 22: cash discount, ahd that the bid on three items <br />af 2 x 4's covered Eo. 1 fir, rather than #2 fir under the Justus <br />bid, whereupon Vyatt moved the order be awarded the Thompson Lumber Co., seconded by Noore and carried, <br />Elk. Ralph Boordman, as attorney on behalf of the Iilinneapolis, <br />St. Paul Suburban Railroad, in the matter of assessment of rail- <br />road property for Sanitary sewer in District ITo. 8. Nr. Boordman <br />advising the Council his client had not filed objection to assess- <br />ment or come within the Law and was assessed a total of approx- imately $16,013.15 for costs of construction of both Joint Sewer <br />District No. 1, and Sewer District No. 8, sewers. He fur'cher <br />advised that while our Supreme Court had ruled the railroad could <br />be assesself, that he considered the amount assessed more than the value of the land and that the Railroad Conpany did not <br />propose 'co pay the assessment, but would give the land to the <br />Village in 5 years meaning thereby Village of Edina would get the land on account of unpayment. President Sharpe asked as a matter of information, what the Company might pay and was advised <br />Br. Strause, President, had stated the Company would pay on basis <br />of 20%. After further discussion Noore moved the matter be <br />referred to President Sharpe and Village Attorney Holten, for investigation and report to the Council, seconded Gebo and carried, <br />Uessrs. Goetze, Bristoe, eC Borg, inquired as to what property <br />would be assessed for construction of the West 52nd Street Storm <br />Sewer, and mere advised by Recorder Eoore, that the Village Engineer had carefully comgiled a list of all the property within <br />the drainage area for the purpose of assessment and that construc- <br />tion costs at this time were estimated to #30,00 to 240,OO per <br />lot .