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'I <br />I. <br />I <br />I. <br />&buteEi af the <br />of %he Qoundil <br />Edina., held in <br />regular me et ing <br />of the Village of <br />Grange Hall on <br />' 57 <br />i <br />April 13, 1942, at u8:OO ofclock P.N. <br />Themeeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present. <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on Each 23, <br />1942 and recessed portion of the same meeting duly held on April <br />1, 1942, mere read, on motion Vyatt they be approved as read, <br />seconded by Gebo.and carried. <br />The Road and Village Payrolls upon being found correct, vere on <br />motion Gebo be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Willson <br />and carried. They are as follows : <br />Earl C. Sharp Berm B. Eoore <br />Gearge A. Villson <br />A. S. Wyatt L. U. .Gebo <br />J-. J. Duggan <br />Ds. L. E. Campbell <br />Phil- S . Smith <br />Phil S. Smith <br />'I!. E, Tilly <br />Hilding Dah1 W. S. Heydt. <br />John W. Lyon .. R. J. Johnson S. J. Roberts. <br />P. Dahlgren <br />John Tracy <br />L. Stolgman <br />0. E. Spande <br />Ronald P0rt <br />E. Xerfeld <br />Sam 3icicCready <br />H. Ensley <br />John Lundberry <br />A. C. Stringer <br />I" <br />President April <br />Recorder <br />Trustee <br />Trustee <br />Trustee <br />Treasurer <br />Health Officer <br />Engineer <br />Auto allowance <br />Village Xkrshall <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Street Comiss ioner <br />Uti lityman <br />Tractor operat or <br />Truck driver <br />Ass't. Road foreman <br />Ass'% . Tractor operator <br />Ass%. truck drivar <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labar <br />Truck hire <br />Re &Be 9 FGrPA <br />!$ 50.00 <br />90 . 00 <br />35.00 <br />35 000 <br />35.00 <br />30 .OO <br />30.00 <br />150..00 <br />25 . 00 <br />185 . 00 <br />160.00 <br />160 . 00 <br />160.00 <br />185 . 00 <br />150.00 <br />150 . 00 <br />140 .OO <br />140.00 <br />135 000 <br />$35 .oo <br />130 . 80 <br />75.00 <br />40.00 76 .'OO / <br />. The-Jifliscellaneoua b'lls upon being duly examined and found correct <br />yere on motion Will i! on they be duly allowed and ordered paid, <br />seconded by I;iyatt and carried. They are as follows: <br />Rural Hennepin County <br /> Corn. 'Corn. <br />Thompsan Lumber Co. <br />Firestona Service Station <br />John R. Borey <br />Lyle Signs, Inc. <br />Clty of Xinneapolis <br />B-VI Bell, Telephone Co. <br />S. ,J.'Pautsch <br />S . ' J, Pautsch <br />N-W Terminal Co. <br />Suburban Hennepin County <br />Relief Board <br />Rural Bennepiri County <br />Surplus Corn. Corn. Ema.;Tedman \- I -- <br />E. 8. Harris <br />Clarence 0. Holterm <br />John Lindberry <br />@?egg's Pharmacy <br />Norton Salt Co. <br />Xinneapolis Iron Store <br />Williams Hardware Co . <br />'Xinnea2olis Gas Light Co. <br />'Dale Green <br />Pebruary services <br />Lumber <br />Tires, tubes Police Car <br />Battery & supplies <br />Road sigm <br />Gas for heating <br />'Fire Department Service <br />Telephone Vh. 1666 <br />Plumbing Inspect ions <br />Cess pool &material <br />Parts Reo truck <br />$ 35.68 <br />3.30 <br />29.58 <br />28.15 <br />36.35 <br />24.86 <br />229 . 65 <br />17.55. <br />99.00 <br />68.56 <br />21.25 <br />ltilarch Relief 394.80 <br />Elarch relief 36.65 <br />Gasoline- R. & 33. 3.44 Gasoline, Oil - R.6 E. Palica 187.72 <br />Tillage Atitarney & recording 76.00 <br />12 loads wood 12.00 <br />15.08 1st aid 8 supplies <br />Salt R. &Bo 51.60 <br />R. &Be Supplies 8.06 <br />Road garavel & loader 166 . 00 <br />Hild steel 4.39