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ElLinutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council. of the Tillage of Edina, held in Grange Hall on Jwe 22, 1942, at 8.00 <br />o 'clock. P .E, <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the <br />roll called and all members of the Council mere present, <br />I!Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Cauncil held on <br />June 83 1942, were read, On motion Trustee Vyatt, they be approved as read, seconded by Trustee Villsan and <br />carried. <br />The Village pay roll advances vtere exmined and found <br />correct, whereupon Rustee Villssn, moved they be duly allowed <br />and ordered paid, seconded by Vyatt, and carried. <br />It vas moved by Eoore, that checks be drawn against Sewer <br />Diskrict BQ. 8, Fund, for labor to H.L. Bell, A.C.Strinder <br />and Ervin Pfeiffer, seconded by Trustee Gebo, and carried, <br />I <br />klr and Ers Paulson, presented petition for oiling of <br />Interlacken Road in Block 32, ~endelsshom'Additi~n. After <br />discussion, Trustee Gebo moved the matter bemeferred to Road and Bridge Commi'ctiee, for study and repart to the <br />Cauncil on both oiling arid road nidening, seconded by <br />gyath, and carried. <br />Petition by i7. A. Tuscany and others, €or vacation of Vest <br />5233% Street, between Halifax and Indianola Avenues was read <br />and objected to by Olson. After discussion Trustee <br />Tyatt moved, the petition be not accepted, seconded by uoore <br />and carried. <br />Attorney Bradley, appeared on behalf of F9% Hasselgrem, in <br />connection nith moving frame house to 5913 Ashcroft Avenue, Village Attoaney Corvell, suggested that Er Hasselgrerz make <br />such improve-ments as mould cornply nith lot owner's restrictions, After nuch discussion fromxthe floor and between groups, the <br />matter was left for Council's investigation and further con- <br />sideration. <br />President Sharpe, presented copy of By-Laws of the South' Shore Transportation Club of Birchwood and Bellaire, (vfhite <br />Bear Lake) which was thought might furnish means of supply- <br />jag bus service in Edina to street car terminus at vest 44th and France Avenue. <br />I. <br />c <br />The matter of public liability insurance being provided and carried by the Country Club District Service Company, in - favor of the Village of Edina, was referred to 'Tillage Att- <br />orney Cavell. <br />Trustee Gebo moved that on account of the 1942 Real and Per- sonal property assessment not haveing been entirely completed, <br />that another Board of Reviem rneeting in addition to the June <br />22, 1942, meeting as provided, 'be held on August 10, 1942, between the hours of 10,OO A,?&. and 6.00 P.U., and that posted notice of the same be given, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />Trustee Vyatt, offered the following resolutian and moved <br />its adoption: <br />RESOLUTI~E COKFIRKWG ASSESS~NTS IIT <br />STORET SEXER DISTRICT NO. 10. <br />BE IT RESOLXED, by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina, hennepin Caunty, Einnesota, as follaws : <br />1, The engineer heretafore duly selected by the Council for <br />such purpose, has, with the assls*ance of Alex Creighton, <br />calculated the proper amounts to be special13 assessed for <br />the construction of sewers in Strom Sewer District 1b.W of .