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88 "' <br />Uinutes of the recessed partion of the regular <br />August 24, 1942, meeting af the Cauncil of the <br />Village of Eldina, duly held in Grange Hall on <br />September 8, 1942, at 8.00 o'clock P.E. <br />The meeting vas called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />Galled and those present -ere Sharpe, Gebo, Jyatt and Eoore, <br />Absent Trustee ;fillson, <br />President Sharpe advised that on account of the National <br />Zhtergency, that a V31ack-outr* Ordinance was necessary at <br />this tinre and mhereupon Trustee Gebo offered the following <br />' Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />The Village Council of Edivla do ordain as fallams: <br />Section 1. Definitions. As: used in this Ordinance and in regulations adepted thereunder, the following phrases shall <br />have the meanings given to them belom: <br />(I) ]'Air raid warning signal": a signal to indicate the begin- ing of a blackout or air raid alam prescribed by the Adjutant <br />General or" Eianescata or other appropiate military authority, <br />or in the absence of such prescr$ption, by the President of <br />the VLllage Council. <br />(2) tiAll-clear signal": a signal to indicate the end of a <br />blackout or air raid alarm prescribed by the Adjutant General of Ennesota or other appropiate military authority, or, in the <br />absence of such prescription, by the President of the Village <br />Council, <br />(31 "Alarm periad": the interval of time betveen an air raid <br />signal and the follorring all-clear signal, <br />(4) %lackou-k structurett: any area so enclosed that any ill- <br />umination maintained or exis-king therein is not visible from any point outside such enclosure. <br />Section 2, SoundizEg Signals, The President of the <br />Cauntcil shall Cause the sounding of an air raid a and of an all-clear signal mhenever the village 6r the district <br />in nhich the village is located is directed to da so by the <br />Adjutan% General or other appropiate military authority, ar in <br />the case of practice alarm periods, mhenever he deems it advis- able and is permitted to do ssby such authority, <br />Section 3, Illumination During Alar1 Periods Prohibited, Except <br />as athernise provided in this section, no person in an alarm period shall maintain any illumbatian or permit any illumination <br />under his control to be maintained at aay phce within the Village <br />of EdiYta during the hours of ,darkness .I <br />shall not apply to the follomiw types of illuminations <br />(1) <br />(2) <br />(3) <br />The foregoing provision <br />Illumination within a blackout StrucPIure. <br />IlluminaLion maintained By the armed forces of the United States or the State in the course af duty. <br />Illumination authorized by the President of the Village Council through regulations adopted under Section 5 of <br />this Qdrinance, <br />(4) Illumination maintained pursuant to permission granted <br />in individual cases by the chief of police. <br />police may grant such permission only nhen he finds it nec- essary for the preservation of the public safety or the <br />mainteename of order or when he has been specifically <br />authorized to grant such permission by an officer of the <br />United Jtates or the State acking within the scope of his authority, <br />The chief of