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Minutes of the recessed portion of the regular <br />October 12, 1942, meeting of the Council of the <br />Village of Edina, &dLy held in Grange HafP on October 13, 1942, at 8.00 o'clock P.M. <br />The meeting was called to! ordfrer by the President, the roll called rtnd all members of the Council were present. <br />The proposed report of audit of Village affairs for &he year 1941. <br />was duly read to $he Council, discussed an& thereupon Trustee Gebo <br />moved to accept the recommen&ation of the examiners and that the Office of Public Examines 'be authorized to install a Tillage <br />Bookkeeping system, secon&ed by Moore, and carried.. <br />Discussion of items ana amounts as outairred by ?resident Ska~~e: in comparison to and in conjunction with pseceeding yeas- was carefully made bfy 83.1 members of the Council, Thereupan Trustee Willson, moved that the total Tax Levy for a31 VilEage purposes <br />be set at $89,500e004 secondkd by Xoore and carried, <br />ED further business to come before the Council a% this the, <br />the President declared the meeting adjourned, <br />I <br />J" <br />Village Recorder. \