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LIinutes of the recessed portion of the regular <br />Hovem’aer 23, 1942, meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, duly held in New Village <br />Hall on Xovember 30, 1942, at 8.00 ij’c3.ock P3X. <br />The Council of the Village of Edfna does ordain : <br />That Section 2 of said ordinance, passed by the Cc <br />January 11, 1937, and published in the Henrrepin Cc <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present. <br />President Sharpe, read letters to department heads and to <br />23, 1942. <br />. Gessrs Knapp and Todd, in accord with actions taken on November <br />THE FEES THEREFOR, REPE’PLING <br />AND AMENDING EXISTING ORDI- <br />,~~~~~~~RAhTD”Es~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />PROSPE~TT FARE IN SAID AND’ VILLAGE. GENER~L WCL- <br />THE PUBLIC HEALTH, SAFETY, MORALS ORDm CONVENIENCE, <br />The matter of the amount to charged for license for “Off-sale@ <br />exclusive liquor store, was discussed at length by the Cauncil, 3hereupon Trustee Wyatt , offered the following Resolution and moved ‘its adoption : <br />ATTXSzt -A <br />Village Recorder <br />Published in The Hennepin County Review on Thursday, Dec. 10, 1942. i -- <br />- w2fJ I4.r Smith, appeared befsie the Council to request that the four <br />stop signs at Brookview and West 54th Street, be changed to <br />slow signs, whereupon Engineer Smith advised such had already <br />been ordered. <br />Trustee Gebo, moved that check in the amount of $1048.88, be drawn against the SinkiDg Fund for Sewer District >To. 8, for <br />the purchase of $1,000.00 - 4*% special assessment warrants of Sewer District Ita. 8, with accrued interest to date, seconded <br />by Eoore and carried. <br />Notice an behalf of Sofie Gilmore for claim for damages in the <br />tatal mount of $1,600.00, for sprained ankle caused by defective <br />sidemalk on Vest 50th Street, 30 feet Jest of Brance Avenue, at about 3.30 PN 0x1 Movember 3, 1942, was duly refG.rred to Village Attorney Covell. <br />Bo further business to come before the meeting at this time, <br />the President declared the mee.ting recessed to meet again at <br />the call of the President. <br />Village gecarder n \