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IiIIIJUTES OF TEE REGULAR 'hlEET'SNG OF TEE <br />- EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD IN VILLAGE HALL AT $ P,M. FEBRUARY 239 1943. <br />President Sharpe called the meeting to order and all members answered to rollcall. <br />Hinutes of the regulaF couvlcil meeting of February 8 were read and <br />approved. <br />Gebo moved approval and paGent of the following bills ad payrolls; seconded by Villsop and carried: B <br />PAYROLL <br />Name <br />COUNCIL <br />Earl C. Sharpe <br />Bower 3avrthorne ' <br />L. No Gebo <br />George A. 'STlillson <br />Dr. A. S. Wyatt <br />J. J. Duggan Karl Cove11 <br />- <br />I <br />OFFICE <br />Evelyn Hjos <br />Gretchen Schus sl er Job VI. Lyon <br />Eilding Dahl Wm. So Seydt Phil '61. Smith <br />Phil V. Smith <br />G@REET <br />R. J. Johnson <br />So J, Roberts <br />P, H, Dahlgren <br />John Tracy <br />0. I. Spande <br />Harry Jonas <br />Bo J. Herfeld Chas. Johnson <br />Albert Young . <br />Sam €fcCready <br />John Person <br />Silas Herrett <br />George SMl son <br />mlda Hoag <br />Ers. Laura Dirks <br />Net - Claim #, . Gross V. Tax <br />205 <br />206 <br />1 <br />213 62.50 Lo90 <br />215 * 97.50 3.20 <br />216 ' 92.50 3.20 <br />214 62.50 1.90 <br />217 87.50 * 3.20 <br />219 ~ 25.00 <br />218 150.00 6.20 <br />220 <br />221 <br />222 <br />223 <br />224 <br />225 <br />226 <br />227 <br />228 229 <br />230 <br />231 232 <br />234 <br />SEWER DISTRICT #8 <br />233 $5. 00 <br />$25.00 <br />17050, <br />60.60 <br />60.60 <br />94.30 <br />89.30 <br />84.30 <br />143 . 80 <br />25.00 <br />94.30 <br />77060 <br />77.60 <br />72.60 <br />70 . 10 <br />63.10 <br />71.20 <br />46.95 <br />4.40 <br />58.00 <br />29.60 <br />29.60 <br />6025 <br />Do D. Ryerse and Charles C, Pardee appeared to request re-oiling of Bruce avenue from Fiftieth street to Arden avenue this year, <br />Willson advi.sed them that project is contemplated if it is <br />possible to secure 05.1. <br />Ashley Brooks, operator of Edina Auto Livery, appeared in response <br />to request of the counc5.1 for discussion of complaints of speeding <br />by his taxicab drivers. Brooks assured the council he vould remedy all cond2tions which had brought compJ.aints. Brooks was instructed to present eo the council public liability insurance policies covering his taxicabs. <br />Willlam Sheman and A. D. Verket of Einnesota public examiner's <br />office appeared to discuss new accounting proceedures being set <br />up for the vLllage, Sherman recommended that definite -appropriations