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140. <br />BILLS -- GENERAL FUND <br />Blackburn, Nickels eC Smith 329 $120.00 330 100.00 Sadie GZlmore <br />Hdwre. Hut. Cas, Coo 331 764.35 Total Bills $984.35 <br />Trustee Gebo moved approval of applications for various <br />seconded by Trustee Wyatt and ~arried.~ <br />and tenants liability insurance for the ellage was I of Hardware l&utual. Casualty Coo to furnish oumers, <br />received and discussed. Trustee Wyatr moved the proposal bp tabled, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Proposal of Hardvare Eutual Casulaty COe to furnZsh fire * insurance covering snow fence was recieved qd laid over on <br />recommendation of Trustee \q?illson. <br />Sewer ren%al charges for business establishments yere discussed. <br />TmsteeGebo moved that Engineer Smith be authorized to. determine proper charges for such service; seconded by Hawthorne and cmried. <br />T-rustee Gebo reported receipt of a donation of $100 from the volunteer fire department for civillan defense and suggested the council accept the donation. <br />There being no further business to come before the council, President Sharpe declared the meeting adjourned at 11:30 pemo <br />‘ HSINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF TRE s. <br />- HALL AT 8 P.IVi. NARCH 50, 1943 .. EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD IN VILLAGE <br />.o <br />President Sharpe called the meeting to order and all members of the counoil were present. <br />Perry <br />and Noore appeared to report the Minnesota Supreme Court had denied the petition of Country Club District Service Coo for <br />rehearing- of a-Xypnen%s 112 the base of Country Club District Service Co, vs, Village of Edrna. lengthy &iscussion with Noore and Karl Covell, vilhge attorney, of rnatters relating to omersh%$ and operation of the water and sewer sysjtems in the-village, ’ <br />Trustee Gkbo moved that a-public heaping for the purpose of considering <br />‘revisFon QT water rates -of GounGry Clqb Disk??ict- Service Co, fn accordance vith the recent IdecLsion of ,the h?irmesQta Supreme Court <br />and in accdrdance with the cornpanyrs franchise be set for 8.p..m., <br />‘April? 19,1943, land Chat Clerk Hawthorne be instructed to kotify <br />Country Club District Service Co, of the hearing, seconded by <br />Trustee \?yatt and carried. <br />A letter from R, D. mber, c’riairman of Hennepin County War $ln&ce . <br />Committee“, drawing the council*t s attention ta a new lav permitting investment of certah village funds in war bonds, was rece2ve.d and <br />filed. <br />A letter %rom Greater TvJln Cit’ies chapter of National Aeronautics association, drawing attention to observance of Ennesota Aviation <br />Day April 9, was received and ?fiBBd. <br />Trustee Vyatt reported William H, Zfegler Co, had offered $1,850.00 <br />for purchase of various items of used construction equlpment owned by the village. sell the equipment for not less than $2,000.00, seconded by W5llson <br />and carried. <br />Eoore, Of the lawfirm of Stinchfrield, Nackall, Cromse <br />Hembers of the council had <br />Wy-att moved the proper officers be authorized to <br />c