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A petition signed by a majority crf affected property owners was presented, <br />requesting that the alley behind 5012, 5016, 5020 and 5024 Indianola <br />. Avenue ad 5011, 5015 qnd 5019 Juaniā‚¬a Lane and between Biftieth and FifQ - <br />first Streets be vacated. Villson moved a hearing be held on said petitim at the VilXage Hall July 26, X943 at 8:00 P.X. and notice thereof be pub- <br />lished according to 1aV. Seconded by Vyatt and carriede <br />There being no further business to come before the council, President <br />Sharpe declared the meeting adjourned at Ut30 P.lI. <br />, 7ffiTUTES OB THE REGULAR BlEETING OF TIlE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL J3EXD IN VILLAGE HALL AT 8 PoEo JULY 12, 1943 <br />President Sharpe called the meeting to order and four members of the council were present; Villson, Vyatt, Hawthorne and Sharpe. <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of June 28, 1943, vmre read and <br />approved. <br />Villson moved approval and payment of the folloving bills, seconded <br />br T&att and carried: <br />GENF)RAL FUMD <br />mame Claim & - <br />XorEon Salt Coo 670 <br />Stinchfield, ESackall, Etc. 673, <br />Hardware Elutual Casualty Co. 672 <br />Dale Green 6 73 \?alter F. Brown 674 <br />CounP;ry Club Dist. Serv. Co. 675 <br />Borey's Service Sta%ion 6 76 <br />Bhlberg Bros. Inc. 677 <br />Berg & FarnhEun Co. 6 78 <br />International Harvester Co. 679 <br />Lampert Yardss Ince 680 <br />Phillips Petroleum Co. 681 <br />Bud Brooks Pure Oil Stam 682 <br />E, XL Harris 683 <br />Thompson Lumber Co. 684 <br />Edina Ifardware Corn 685 Jus%u s Lumber Conipany 686 <br />William Fisman 687 <br />Bren Hardware 688 <br />Einneapolis Iron Store 689 <br />Lundin' s Garage 690 <br />Amount <br />$ 26.22 <br />269.19 <br />67.17 <br />19e5O * <br />1.00 <br />3.08 <br />3.3% <br />23.12 <br />13,53 <br />43.50 <br />27.23 <br />12.15' <br />160.54 <br />86.60 <br />17.46 <br />2.47 <br />46.80 <br />3.00 <br />21~90 <br />4.15 -. <br />3.50