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Engineer Smith reported. Eotor Power Equipment Coo has offered to buy <br />various pmps and motors owned by the village. Hawthorne moved that the 1 engineer be authorized to sell the pumps and motors at the highest possible <br />price but not less $ban $200, seconded by layatt and carried. <br />Engineer Smith reported the federal government has approved use of 24,000 <br />gallom of road oil by the village this year. <br />Hawthorne moved that the engineer be instructed to prepare. a -schedule of <br />imprctvement projects which might be undertaken by t hevillage immediately <br />after the mar ends and that the park board be requested to study future <br />park developments in the village, seconded by Villaon and carried. <br />Annual financial report of Firemen * s Relief Association, for 1942, shoving <br />receipts totaling $260.00 and no expenditures, vas received. <br />moved acceptance and zpproval of the report,seconde6 by Utley and carried. <br />The hearing on the petition heretofore filed for the vacation of thealley <br />described in the resolution hereafter set forth vas had pursuant to <br />published and posted notice of said meeting. At the conclusion of the <br />hearing it 178s moved by Harrthorne and seconded by Villson that the <br />folloving resolution be adopted, to wit: <br />I Bmthorne <br />SrKEREAS, a majority of the owners of the land abutting on the <br />alley hereinafter described in the Village of Edina Hennepin County, E'finnesota, have petitioned for the vacation of said alley; <br />and <br />YFKEREAS, one (1) weekls published notice and posted notice <br />of a hearing to be had on saiu petition on July 26, 1943, at 8~00 <br />o'clock P.E?., has been given and made, and a hearing has been had <br />thereon by the Village Council; <br />NOFl, THEREPCRE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the <br />Village of Edina, Hermepin County, ITinnesota, that = <br />1. That certain alley running in a northerly and southerly direction and lying between the easterly line of Lo9 Four (4) and <br />Pive (5), Block trro (2), Steven's Pirst Addition to lfinneapolis, and the Kesterly line of Lots Six (6) and Seven (71, Block Two (21, <br />Steven's First Addition to Eiinneapolis, is hereby vacated. <br />2. That it is to the best interests of the public so to vacate <br />said alley. <br />On the adopgion of the resolution Utley, Willson, Vya$t, Hawthorne and <br />Sharpe voted aye and so the resolution was adopted. <br />Utley requested Attorney Cove11 to investigate and make a report con- <br />cerning bonds required for constable, marshal and patrolman. <br />Eavthorne moved that the meeting be adjourned at 10 p.m., seconded by <br />17illson and carried. <br />I:INUTES OB THE REGULAR IBET?NG OF TKE <br />EDIBA VILLAGE COUTTCIL IlELD 13 VILLAGE <br />HALL 4T 8. P.X. AUGUST 4, 1943 <br />Eresideat Sharpe called the meeting to order and four members of the <br />council nere present : Villson, Vj7att, Havthorne, Sharpe. <br />Uinutes of the regular meeting held July 26, 1143, aere read and <br />approved . <br />gillson moved that the folloming payrolls be aoproved and paid, second <br />by Qatt and carried: