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17'llson i moved qproval and pqment of the follouin~ bill2 seconded <br />by Zhatt and carried: <br />kcme Awning Co. 85 b 75 Clain 1:o 840 <br />Hary Bright, 5821 ljrev &venue S., ZFpeared to aPp1y for perEit to move a building from the vicinity of Sixtieth Street and Xerxes Avenue to a lot aajoining his midence. V37att moved a perflit be issued to Iiarry Eright for moving said building tc~ the re?r of the <br />lot adjoiniq 3ri~ht's residence and that the bui16ing shall be <br />used as a garag,e, seconded b,y Wavthorne an6 carried. <br />I Sharpe instructed Attorney Covell to prepare a nea statement sf the amount onedi to the village by Country Club Zistrict Service Co. $or sever ren'ca.1 charges paid to the City or" ZTinneaplis by the village <br />vith interest to Sept. 12 1943, and to gresent the statement to <br />Oscar Gaarden, presid.ent of Country Club District Service Company. <br />Claims presented by PJinifred Creighton and Roy Arntson as deputy <br />village assessors rere discussed.. <br />exaainers liad criticized appointriient of the assessor's vife as a <br />deputy and that Assessor Creighton had agreed last rrinter to subrJit names of Lis deputies t~ the council for approval pri2r tc~ their appointment . Attorney Covell read statutes a:rplying t o apyaintTnent <br />of deputy assessors ana expressed the opinion the statutes do not <br />bar the wife of an assessor from serving as a deputy and that the <br />statutes do not provide far council approval of appointments of <br />deputy assessors. Eaathorne moved that in viev of the comments by the public exminer regarding appointment of fieputy assessors, the village attorney be directed- to request an opinion of the attorney geueral as to vhether it is.proper for the village assessor to appoint <br />his nife as a deputy and whether an agreement by the assessor to sub- <br />mit nmes of deputies to the council for approval is binaing, seconded by ';lyatt and carried. <br />i'Jyatt pointed out L'innesota public <br />Petition signed by a majority of affected property owners requesting <br />oiling of Unity Avenue and Lakeviem Drive from Fifty-fifty to Pifty- <br />seventh streets vms receivedo seconded by 'Xyatf and carried. <br />Eawthorne presented a report fr3a the Hennesin county auditor sLDuing June quarterly tax receipts for the village totaled 469,307.61. <br />Eaxthorne moved. payment of <br />Dah1 as salary for service as constables, seconded by Utley and cai-ried <br />I Willson moved approval of the petition, <br />$10 per year each to Jokm Lyon and Kilciing <br />There being no further business tcJ come before the cmncil, Hawthorne <br />moved. to adjourn at 9t30 p.m., seconded by t and carried-. <br />LIIXUTES 03' THE SPECIAL TSi=ETIEG OF THE <br />EDIEA VILLAGE COUNCIL .WELD IX VILLAGE <br />FLGL ~LT 8 P.1:. AUGUST 27, 1943 <br />Eanthorne called the meeting to order and three members of the council <br />mere present : Utley, Yiillson and Hawthorne. <br />Willson moved Utleg be designated as remporary presiding officer, <br />seconded l12 I3as:thorne and carriea. <br />HaYJthorne rea& the advertisement calling for sealed bids for con- struction of curb and ptter on Abbott place from Yifty-fourth Street <br />to Beard Avenue, published August 12 and 19 in the Hennepin County Reviem. <br />Bids were received and opened from Victor Carlson and Sons, Inc., <br />offering to furnish labor and materials for approxinately 1,200 Tee% of curb ana gutter in accordance nith specifications at Cl-18 per lineal <br />Zoos1 ar,d curb radius at 806 per foot , and from T. 5, Eyvall Cos offering to furnish labor and materials for approximately 1,200 feet <br />of curb and gutter in accordance vith specifications at ~1.35 per <br />lirieal foot and curb radius at $1-3.0 per foot. Hawthorne moved that <br />the loa bi6 of Victor Carlson and Sons, Inc., be accesed, seconded by <br />Uillson and carried. <br />Hawthorne moved to adjourn, seconded by <br />villnrm