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mstter of erecting a ssrvice board honor Ed.ina men and tuomen servrng <br />in. thr; arroed. forces. Eavithorcne moved- that 2yatt be nsmed. a com-cfttee <br />o:C' one to stu.6.y the ma.tter ,and- report back to the cr~uncil at the next <br />meeting, second-ed b~ 1;:illsori ana carried. <br />Utleg moved- %hit sa.lary of the villa.g& treasurer be set at 1,130 per <br />month %or th.e gem? 1944, seconded by 1;Jillson and. carried.. <br />Utley reported he had conferred. viitb 1,Jinnesota. hi,$..r;ay p~trol concernZng <br />eet~b3.iskmx-it of a vrmn-iny; tag system In the police d.epmtrmnt and. <br />th:3t mpresentg.ti.ves of the state were enthusiastic about $he proposal, <br />Hacthome moved. tl3.a-L the pinblic safety cortlrnit.i;ee be empowered. -to act in <br />?;he matter of setting up a. vmwiry tag system, seconded. by !:yaJTJt am3 <br />cr?rriecl. <br />Havithorne moved the cha.irman of the public utilitiies corrcmittee be &&borized. <br />to d..etemnine thc a.vaila.bilfty of Schmidt, engfn e er to under t &e <br />P. survey crf Country C3.i~.b District Service Go. properties Tor the plrpose <br />of determining a rate base, seconded by *i' and ca.i*ried-. <br />&rtglneer Smith presented a letter from S, J, Groves and Sons, eapressj-ng <br />9ii.teres-k in bid-d-ing on work to complete construction of seviers in Selnjer <br />District i48, <br />Proposals were received from Fid-elity and GuarantiJ Inm.rrance Co. and. <br />k''ed.era.'r;ecrl Ii~rrduare Iiutual Insusance Coo to finn5-sh fire, lichtnfng, <br />trannpo~,?tati on, theft and. viindstom insurmce on 1-941 1ntsrna.t.ri onal tru.clc. <br />Hawthorne moved- the insu-ra-nce be pl2.ced- with Fed.eratFd. Bardwarre Iiu-tu-als <br /> of a lotior net premium offered, for the period end.Eng Lnrch 8, <br />1945, seconded. by an& carried, <br />I <br />1,Ly ,,jatt I moved. .Lo ad-jou.rn, seconded. by Utley and. carr5ed. <br />All memhers of the couac-il mere presene. <br />ainutes of the regular council meeting held January 10, 1944, were <br />read and approved. <br />U-bley moped approval ar,d payment of the following payrolls, seconded <br />by Wyatt and carried: <br />(See Bext Page)