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222 <br />, seconded by Wyatt and camied. <br />fi <br />IJotlon to set public heaping for 8 p.m. May 8, 1944, on a petikion for cons.f;ruction of cnrb\and gutter and oiling of Arden avenue from Fifty- <br />firs% to Fifty-secoril streets and F$fty-firs.f; street from Indianola to <br />Arden avenues was made by WilEson, seconded by Wyatt; 813d ~arrled. <br />PetigTon was received requesting construction of curb and gutter on <br />Beard avenue from Ffftpfourth to Fuller streets, <br />getition -t;o the village mgineer for checking of signatures was made by <br />Hawthorns, seconded by Wyatt snd carried. <br />Petition was received requestlng oiling of Fifty-sixth street from <br />Wooddale to St. John avenue. v5llage engineer for checking of signatures was made by Willson, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />UotLoa to refer the <br />I Motion to refer the petition to the <br />Notion to adjourn was made by Wyatt, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Village Clerk <br />-w* 8 <br />IKDKJTES OF THE SPECIAL REETING OF Tm <br />’ EDINA VILLAGE GOUNCIL HmS) IN VILLAG4 <br />KAU AT 7030 P.N. APRIL 28, 1944 <br />Four members of the council were present: Willson, Wyatt, Hawthorne and <br />TOM, <br />Hawthorne offered the follorrfng resolution and moved its adoption: <br />V II RESOLVED, that Phil Executive Officer and Hanager for the Village CbmcTl of the Village of Edina and d.1 of its Committees. <br />RESOLVED, further, that he shall have chapge of and dire& all the ministerial functfons and activities <br />in charge of each such Committee in its absence. <br />Smith is hereby appointed as I <br />RESOLVED, further, that nothing herein contained shall‘ be or is to be construed as a delegation of legislative or d€ scretionary administrative power of th8 Village <br />Council. <br />Xotfon to adopt the resolution was made by Hawthorne, seconded by * <br />Willson, Rollca21 vote was Y?j.llson, Hawthorne, aye; Todd, aye, and the resolution was ad <br />+I <br />ATTEST: <br />a <br />1. <br />t <br />Motion to set public hearing for 8 p.m. Bay 12, 2944,’ on a petition <br />by J, A. Danens and Son for rezon5n.g of certdn residentral property <br />on Brookside avenue for eommercfal development was made by Wyatt, seconded by W€ll.son and carried. <br />ltrfotion tp adjourn was made by Wyatt, seconded by Willson and carried. - <br />* <br />r”