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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE ‘ <br />EDrPTA VILLAGE C0UNCIL”HELD IN VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 7t30 P,M, MONDAY, SUNE 5, 1944 <br />All members of the cokbcil were present. <br />County Commissioner Einar Jeppesen and Z3merman, deputy county highway engineer, were present with working’ plans prepared by Zimmerman for paving of France avenue from Forty-ninth to Fifty-first streets. <br />Motion to approve and adopt said plans for paving of France avenue from Forty-ninth to Fifty-p’irst streets and to authorize appropriate village <br />officials to open negotiations with the City of Minnkapolis and Wnneapolis Street RaZlway Coo for a joint agreement for proceeding <br />with the project at the earliest zossible date was made by Hawthorne, <br />seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Arthur Peterson appeared to it?i&ques$ increase in compensation for <br />collecting garbage in the village, <br />for‘ recommendation at the next meeting6 <br />The matter was referred to Utley <br />Capt, Kurtz, son of the owner of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 15, 16 and 17, Block 5, Brookside, appeared to 2nquire the attituae of the council regarding application for rezoning of said’lots for community store USQ. <br />He was informed action by the planning commfssion and council could <br />not be expected until plans of the school board regarding construction of ti hi& school ana of the state highway department regarding grade separation at Fiftieth street and Nomandale road and until the planning <br />commission has completed study of the neighboring area. <br />Motion to adjourn was made by Hawthorne, seconded by Utley and carried. <br />BBXNUTES OF THE REGULAR BAEETING OF <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL lfELD IN VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 8 P,H, MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1944 <br />All menibers of the cotmoil were present. <br />Ninutes of the regular council m6eting of May 22, 1944, and the special <br />council~meetlng of‘ June 5, 1944, were read and apporved, <br />Motion to approve and dZow the following bills was rn&&,by Wyate, <br />seconded by Willson and carried: <br />1 <br />GENERAL FUND <br />Name <br />Art Peterson‘ <br />Claim’No. 1751 <br />Village of Hopkins 17 52 Minneapolis Gas Light 00, 1753 <br />Hardware Mutual Casualty Coo 1754 City of? Mpls. Treasurer 1755 Wm. H, Ziegler Co. 1756 <br />Bud Brooks Pure Oil 175’7 J, V, Gleason 1758 Dahlberg Bros., Inc. 1759 Miller6Davis Coo 1760 Mpls. Blue Printhg Co. 1761 American Printing Coo 1762 <br />Berg and Farmham Co, 1763 <br />Ninnesota“ : Tree Service 1764 <br />Tierney-Wiggin Nursery 1’765 <br />To We ROShOlt (30, ’ 3766 <br />Dale Green 1767 <br />E, Perry 1768 ’ Minneapolis Iron Store si- 1769 <br />Northwestern Bell TeL Coo 1770 Harry T. Peters ’1771 1772 <br />3.773 ’ Justus Lumber Co, <br />Mrs, C, Cornelius * Oscar Roberts 2% CO~ ‘1774 Snternational Harvester Coo ‘2775 ’ Herman Gliem’ 1776 ’ Maurice Le Rotschild & Co, 1777 Glacier Sand & Gravel Coo ‘3,778 ’ <br />4 a <br />Amount <br />$484.75 <br />Total