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236 <br />) \ Letter was received Brom Lee L. Whiting, 5316 Kellogg avenue, objecting to an assessment of $50 made against him by Country Club District <br />Service 00, md inquiring whether such so-called connection charge <br />had been authorized by the village council. answer the letter, explafnfng that minutes of the vzllage council do not record any approval of such charge. <br />Letter was recefved from George H. Herrold, Sk. Paul city planning <br />engineer, inquiring whether the village still is operatin@; under the <br />zoning ordinance adopted in 1931, with amendmenlx, <br />directed to answer the letter. <br />Hawthorne was directed to <br />Hawthorne was <br />Petition requesting improvmient and oiling of Drew avenue from Fifty-eighth to Sixtieth streets was received. <br />petition to the village engineer was made by Wyatt, seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Petition signed by 27 persons objecting to erection of a church at <br />Fiftieth street and Indianola avenue was received and filed. <br />Notion to adjourn was made by Wyatt, seconded by Utleg and carried. <br />Hotion to refer the <br />, <br />Villl'age C3. erk <br />1962 <br />5963