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6 <br />Election fayPo11 ~f 11/13/44 (Continued) <br />23 26 <br />.. Orline Christopher 2321 E'. Zois souis 2328 ''. . Florence E, Jerzetti 2329 <br />Zthel Bo KcCreedy 2330 <br />J_TildEed Bo PotZer 2331 Zdo Port 2332 <br />TOTAS ELECTIOE PAYROLL <br />Xbtion ta gran-ii permits to Eoriihern Shtes Poner Coo for instalxation <br />of street lfght poles at the earner of Tomes Road and Tomes Circle <br />and on Halifcx Avenue betceen Fifty-Second and Fif-ky-FomBh Sfireets was made by Wiley, Seconded by 'Vyatt and carriedo <br />Petikiun tequesting action by the council to require Thorpe Bros.,Iac,, to reirove its tract office aild advertising sign from property at the <br />southwest Garner' of Fiftieth Street arid Voaddale Avenue vas receivedo <br />.I <br />Gotion that council notify Thorpe Bros. Inc. Bh2.E; its tract dir"fice <br />and advertising signs at Fiftieth Street and Vooddalle Avenue a-re being maintained in aiolcztiaiz of the village zoning ordinance and that the <br />empay be directed to remove iihe offfce and signs forth17ith vas made <br />by Hasrkhorne, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />Petition requesting blockading of the alley running from 17ooddaler <br />Avenue to Country Club Road adjoining the Edina School to prevent use <br />of the alley as 8 thoroughfare vas received, Eo"ron to refer said petition -b~ the public norks committee and engineer nith porrer to acfi %as inade by Villaon, seconded by :7yatt and carried, <br />Peti%forr requesting oiling of Fifty-Fifth Stree-I; from Frace to Beard Avenues and Drev Avenue betueen Fifty-Fourth and Fifty-Fifth Streets vas receiTedo Dotion to refer like petition to the engineer Tor check- <br />ing vas made by I'Tillson, seoonded by Vyzte and carried. <br />Letter 178s received from Harold G. Uins, 5034 Buce PIQceS request- <br />ing %he village to remove logs and ather obstructions from the bed of <br />Ximehaha Creek adjoining his property. The letter vas referred ta the engineer. <br />Eo-F;ion to au-thorize %he engineer to install aooden streek signs at <br />various locations in South Hidden Valley was lpade by VyatZ, seconded <br />by UKLey and carpied. <br />Eotion %o an"corize payment of" full salary to OD E* Spande for time lost due to an injury suffered in line of emplopitenf, rrith all com- pensatiion insmance payments received by Spande to be turned Over eo <br />the village trezsurer, and further 60 direct the manager to sectwe infoma'cion conceriiing sick-leave and compensation policies of other <br />municipalities 17as =de by Wyzttt, seconded by Tlillsori and carriedo <br />Eotion to authorize sale of %he police uniform omned by the village to <br />Patrolman Clayton Erickson far the am of ($35,00, aith Zrickson 'ca <br />pay costs of alkemticm and cleaning, vas made by HaQthorue, seconded <br />by Vi11sorm and cax=iede <br />Embers af the cauncil discussed informally the mattep .of constructiag a stom sever in Colonial Grave and the mgineep vas directed to pro- <br />ceed vith a prelirizinary rumey to determine ex-bent and estimated cos% <br />-* I 0 of sudh seneke <br />Ko'cion %a adjourn was mde by Villson, seconded by Hamthorne and carried, <br />CXerk