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f <br />ITilZson offered the falloming resolution and moved its adoption: <br />uRESOLVEB, %Imt after havjng given full considera$ian on the merits af the application of Lucille lfolan for apf <br />'Off Sale? license fae the sale of intoxicating liquor, the safd application is hereby denied.'" <br />Eo-kion ta adopt %be resolution vas se <br />rollcall there vere five ayes and nu Tillson, aye; VyaZfi, we; Ham'cho <br />resalution vas zdopted. <br />, <br />Lekter vas received from Ernest J. Boyd declining a posi€ian as police patrolman because he vas unable to find a residence in Edina. <br />ESotion to direct the village attorney to invesfigate use of properCg <br />by J. A. Banens and Son and Don EcClellan was made by Villson, seconded <br />by VyaEt and carried. <br />Uizley preseneed a seqer rental 'budget for 1945, shoving estimated sever sental revenue of $6,438 and estimated semer operation and mair,- <br />temnce costs of $536990060 <br />The village manager vas directed to investigate possible changes in <br />me-kbod of handlirrg fire department eelephone calls to relieve ELrs. Blanche Eerfeld of the inconvenience of ansvering other than fire calls <br />a% nfghtib - <br />Havthorne: offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />I lWKG~S, Hilding D&19 Constable of %he Tillage of Edina, has fwnished bond Lo -he Village of Edina, as such <br />constable, commencing January I, 1945, $0 the end of his <br />term as such constable, c <br />t%OV, THEREFORE:, BE IT RESOLVED that %he bond of HildinEf <br />D&IS as Coastable, furnished on or about January 25, 1944 'by <br />Standard Accident Insurance @oqmy, a Corporation af Betr0l€9 Ezichigan, as surety thereon, is hereby declared. to be terni- neted on January Is 1945, <br />Eotion ta adopt the resolutian vas s <br />there vere fSve ayes and no nays3 as <br />Vyatt, aye; Eam%horne, aye; Tod <br />TsotC;on to adjourn aas mde by Hav%h seconded by Villsor, and carried. <br />All members of the council nere presento <br />Dotian to renen automobile fleet bodily injury and property dmage <br />insurance on village vehicles for the gear ending Eairch 8, 1946, with <br />Fked La Gray Ca. at premium af $271.84 was made by Villson, seconded by Ha-kPrhorne and carried.