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Licenses issued- April 9, 1945 (continued] <br />5, E. Senson <br />S. 33. Stenson I2cCtlellan~s Gro cery <br />Trlsler's GEocerg Trisler's Grocery <br />South Harriet Dairy <br />49 <br />Beer - Off Cigarette <br />Cigar et %e Cigarette Beer - Off sale Cigaret %e <br />Eation that the village council make no grant of funds frsr the 1945 Hennepin County Fair was made by Utley, seconded by Hamthome and ceriedc <br />Trustee Utley moved %hat the follawing resolution be adopted: <br /> AS^ %he Village Council of the Tillage af Edina t7as advised in letter of Earth 14, 1945, from the Office of the County Auditor of <br />Hennepin County that the delinquent semer %axes and axrued interest <br />and penalties to Earch f9, 1945, on lots appearing in %he application of "horpe Bros. under dake of Bommber 29, 1944, me as follavcrs: <br />I <br />1945 485.20 2590.110 3075.30 307.53 3382.82 <br />$1242.22 $6476.37 $j71.80 $7r9O,39 $1031.09 $29000 $8850.48 <br />' AJCD ~JHEREcTS, the Village Cooncil s%ipuLates and agrees %a iz Peduction in. the grand total of delinquent sever taxes, penalties, intepese and cost from $8,850.48 to $8,606.81 fop a net reduction of <br />$243 . 67 . <br />BB IT RBSOEm, $ha& the VilXage Council hereby consents, aurtherizea <br />clnd directa %hat ehe sum af $8,606.81 be accepted in full papeak of said <br />delinquent seaer taxes, and accrued in-berest and penalfiiea thereon $0 <br />921s mation ~ias put and carried <br />and VyzLt. PTays, none. <br />April 19, 1345. <br />I2otion to adjourn vas made by 17ilZ$on, <br />I <br />EIlSm.ES OF 'THE €UZGULLU? <br />€ZZTING OF '!TI33 EDINA <br />VILWGE COTDTCIL, KELD <br />1945 <br />AT 8 Po3L'ie ASRIL 23, <br />Taut members of the council mere present: Utley, Villson, 'Jyatt, Todd. <br />Uyatt acted as Glerk. <br />Deleg&ions favarirg and opposing issuance of moving and building permii;s to Valter 2. Oxborough and Byron E. KeU for moving houses $ram 3916 and 3980 17. 50th sZr&et to Fifty-second streetad Gorgas iZVeYtue, vdth J. R. merefit appearing as attorney for Oxborough and <br />Appearing in oppositioa to %he pemnits were representatives af properties at 5117, 5137, 52010 5114, 5128, 5129, 5133, 5115 avld <br />5100 Halifax avenue and 5113' Indiartola avenuec <br />were Xk. and Ers. Oxbarough5 I&. and Ers. flePlS E@. Gorgas, 5132 Prance avenue, Er. and ns. Criman and TE. Sargenli. I&. Eontgamery <br />'Ke11 and E. T. Eon&gomerg appearing as attorney far the opposifiian. <br />Appearing in favor