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65 <br />." ) <br />All members of the board mere pres,ent. a1 <br />Chaiman Tadd Eeported €he Village Assessop's records vere not Geady <br />for examination by the Jxmrd and E;h€ %he assessor had requested the meeting be adjourned until July 19, 1945. <br />ITotiorr to adjourn until 8 p.m. Juiy 19, 1945, and %hat hhe clerk be directed to post notices of such adjournment was made by Hawthorne, seconded by Vptt and cwried. <br />CleEk <br />KIPJUTES OF THZ REGULAR EjEEPIXG OF TaE <br />XDIIU VILUGE CO'UNCIL EELD IN VELTAGB <br />HA1;'s; AT 8 Po Em JUIa 25, 1945 <br />All members 02 the council ueze present. <br />E. E. Pe-kerson, 3801 V. Fullee street, appeared to discuss location of <br />a garage on his property and wits told the canncil muld approve a location conforming Kith the building code. <br />The Rev. Dyskrud, pastor of Edfm Covenan6 chinchJ appeared f;o discuss issuance of permits for canstructian of a chmch at Fiftie-kh street <br />arrrd Indianola avenue. Todd presented aA sketch of the roposed church site and adjacent parking area and a statement from A J rthur Richols <br />that he found the propased plan acceptable. <br />go on record as favorable to issuaPlce of per&-& for constructian af ' <br />Edim 0ovenan-k ch.tarch at Ffftieth streek and Indianrola avenue, subject to confarmame Qith the building code and all peasonable requfrements of the council as ta parking, location of church and access to the church was made by Hawtharne, seconded by Villsou and carried. <br />EotZan %ha€ the council <br />Kotion to approve and allow the following bill was made by Vyatt, neconded by 3illson and carpied- First ITatl.. Bank of Epls. *#3216 (SOD. #8) $l8,OOO.QO- - <br />Wd Dm EcCle llan nu5214 (General Fund '&2!o*oo Semer District $8 #3215 rt u 15,00O0OG Ea-iiian to approve and allan %he folloving payroll waE made by :Ellaan, <br />seconded by Qatt and carried: <br />-- <br />Adrainistrat ion <br />Phil 3. Smith 3191 162.5Q 20.40 1.50 Evelyn Kjos 3192 7705Q 2.80 1.510 Gretchen Schusslet 3193 <br />Palice Depa.rtmerif; <br />Bilding Dah1 3294 1Q2.50 8. 20 1.50 <br />3196 87.50 4.90 1.50 <br />Tin. S. Heydfi 3195 97.58 11.10 -0- <br />80 00 3.60 1.5@ <br />$367.58 'b- 8 4.5Q <br />IBT ALII. <br />$ 49.90 <br />49 090 <br />35.Q8 <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />30 . 09 <br />30.00 <br />74.30 8 413.48 <br />140 6.0 <br />73.20 <br />65.65 <br />7405Q <br />$; 279.45 <br />92,843 <br />86 .4Q <br />81010 <br />74.90 <br />$ 335.28 <br />(Conti me d an Xext- Page