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or specifications this per&€ may be revoked witbout notice by €he Building Inspector of the Village of Edim ar 28s Village Council.# - Ervin Plain appeared €a present appXLica%ion fop permit to build a house on the narthwest corner of Fifty-Foarlh StEeet and Kellogg Avaue. <br />The matter vas referred %a %Be viillage manager and village attorney for interpretation of set-back and rem ywd pmvisions of the zoning m-dimme. <br />E. 2, Kallberg, 5228 BreE Avenue S. , XinneapolSs, appeared on behlf of bimaelf and others to make informal application fop an an-sale liquop license. Ilallberg said all of the prospective agplicants are ve$;eraxs of %-Id R'&P II and that they proposed to operate a nigh€ clab somevhere on Eighn~ 169, IcalIberg ms informed hhe village eourmcil is ncrt disposed to grant any on-sale liquor licenses. <br />I <br />Ben Parks appeared Eo discuss adjustment of sssessments fur Seorer DistPlcP Xa. 9, <br />Eof;ioE to grant applicatian of Xinneapolis Gas Light Co. far per- mission to install a gas main an Oak Drive, west of ITooddale Avenue and soa3ih of Fifty-Fifth Street, subject to appscovail. af the village engineep, maw made by Hawthorne, seconded by matt and carried. engineer was authorized eo infom the Gas Company that the section <br />to be served by the proposed gas main is not platted and until it; <br />plat is filed the village does not om the proposed street, <br />Irrot&n to grant application of Einrreapolis $as Light Co, for pep- <br />nissZon to install gas &in on VoadBill Boad %as made by Uyatt, <br />seconded by Havthcrme and carriede <br />me <br />Eotion ta adjourn vas made by Ham%harne, seconded by Wyatt and carriedc <br />/ <br />All naunbem of the cauncil aere present. <br />ElEinlxeea of %he mee%ings held Sune 25, July gSS July 23, and August; 6, <br />1945, =ere read and approvedc <br />Dr. Carl Srzendseen appeared to reqneEte canncil approval of clhssi- <br />fication of Lo€ 19, Block 3.4$ Coun€xy Club District, Brorrn Sectken, <br />as non-conservation and fop sale to pemit h& ko purchase the lot from the state, Conaty %ha% the Tillage Council mill have no objection to sale of <br />Lot 19, Block 14, Countrg Club Diskpict, Brovn Section, at such time <br />ais "the Eo% nay be designated by the Eennepin County Board of Commission- ers as non-conservation;?ypd for saleo subject to filing of easements <br />for sanitary and Btorrn serLers running through s&d lot, 1.a~ made by H%m%horne, aeconaed by Utley and carried. <br />C.. %. Jensen appeared to discuss his applicatian far vacation of a <br />ponrkion of Spruce Road, <br />read, <br />Road WE~B made by &w&horne9 seconded by UpZt and osrried, <br />notian to aotTfy &e county auditor of Hennepin <br />I <br />Letter from Jensen dated August 6S 1945, vas <br />Hotion €0 deny application for vacatian of a portion of Spruce <br />Xoeion €a approve and alloa the follovinng payrolls naa made by TillScrrt, <br />seconded by Wmtt and carried: