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95 :I <br />i Letter was received from Grsyts Bay-Grovelad Assaciatian advising the Cauacil af actian %&en by the Association fm inproveme-rrk crf Einnehaa <br />Greek. <br />Eetter was received from Edvzfn mafffi, chairman of €he planzing commission, trannrnftting a planning commissirra recmendation that €be <br />village acquire various pwcels of pmp&y fop pEerb- areas. <br />sard he would sectme informatiion from Lesgae of Einnesata & relative do %he right of -&he villsge to expend funds fop parks, <br />Philip Bailey, chief of the volunteer fire department, appeased ta inquire about various insmanee policies coveriq members of the I <br />deparkment, <br />PQssible baundariea of a sanitary sewer distric€ to serve Fifty-fourth, <br />Fifty-fffth md Pullerr Stseets and adjacent areas east of Frame Avenue <br />was discussed. The village engineer was directed to proceed with plans for es&ablisbmen% of a seaer district in $ha€ z~reca~ <br />BI~~P Todd ' <br />The matZer REIS referred %a the village a€torney. <br />Motion Bo adjourn vas made bx Dtley, seconded by Rya%t end carpied. <br />Trustees TJtLey, V~~~SQKL ad F;Tya,.&% tvere ppeseni;. <br />Einutes of the meeking held .June 25, 1945 @ere read and i3gpmvede <br />Alex C&ei&~tan, Village Asakssar, a.ppez-,red. and presei?t ed tax assessmaof,- rolls of the Village for 1945, <br />Eembezt.s ~f the Eoard inspected the PQZXS, and approved then upon motion <br />by Villson, seconded by Utley and carriecL, <br />Upon motion Ghe meeking was adjourned, <br />I <br />Bow mmbers of the Council were present: <br />and Tod-do l Ut-ley, Villsorz, Hawkharne <br />Einutes of the regular council meeking held August 13, 1945, 7izePe read and approved, I <br />Bul Sv~nson, 4261 lTewkoy1 Aaenue Be appeared %a request permit Lo b uild <br />8 double garage to be nsed 'cenporarily as liviq quarters at Sixty-third atree-is ad Ryau Avenue, <br />nade 'by Ezmthorne, secoaded bs T7i.llson and- cazrled, <br />Carl E, Eansen appeared to subni-f; proposed plat of %he XiE& OB the Hi'f-& <br />Section 19, Town 28, Warrge 24, to he known zs Golf Terrace Eeights0 <br />L%%ion I;o agprove and- accept said plat, subject to checking by the village engineer, mas madie by Wiley, seconded by Hawthorne and- carried, <br />Carl E. Hartsen and Ben Parks appeared to discuss adjustment of sssess- <br />mmtG far Sewer Eis-ktict Eoe 9, cent correckion in the arnoun-k of tasseaslaent for Seyjer District iTo. 9 <br />fhlaus redracix to$& assessment to $34a000), to reduce interest charged <br />on said assessments -&a 3. per cent, to recompufze the assessments aili! to <br />Pefernd excess assesamenf;s and excess in-bereat md any peazlfiies paid on <br />srrch assessmenhs vas made by U-iiley, Eeconded by HamLhorrne ai1d cari5ade <br />I <br />Eotion %a d-eny applicztiort %or such pemitms I <br />Kotian to make a correctian of 24*4 per