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Street 273 F-be Xor-kh9 to the Southuest corner of Lot 20, Block 14, floua-kry eltab Dictricti Fairnay Section, nos7 .therefore, <br />BE: IT PSSOLW that- said aalk is hereby accepted rznci.tLhe asxessa’uk <br />cost %hereof is de6emj-ned to be $355,05, <br />€3, IT F’LTRTBER RXOLVCD thzt this Council vill meet at the VTlXzge <br />Hall on the 24th day of September, 1945, ai; &:OO PoEao and hear testi-‘ <br />~ony of all persons inter-es%ed or affected end ascertain the an0~1n-k of <br />benefits to prq~erty abuttins such sidewalk by reascm of the con- <br />s%suctFan thereof <br />82 <br />* <br />The motion to zdopt t~,s seconded sire vote vas <br />upon the n,uestion of EtGQptian of ein there nere five <br />e; ‘.&at t aye ; I <br />“,-GmAS, pursuant- to resolutian 03 the Billage Council adopted <br />~zy 14, 1945, coiwtriactian of xidevrall: has been coilqlsted ::lithin -khbty <br />days pri3r hereto on %he *,‘Test side af Brookside Avenue, bek?eeil the <br />HorGh lot line of Lot” 15, Brookziae Terrece9 Li1& the South lot lirs 02 <br />Idi 24, Brookside Terraces nou therefore, <br />..- <br />by ;T;.a-i;t- and cerried, ..