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.. <br />*' <br />I <br />and carrkd. (. <br />E'lotion to adjourn was made by Utlexk seconded by Vyatt and. carried. . <br />EIMUTES OF THE SP33CIAL IIIIEETIl4G OF TH$ <br />EDIHA VILLAGE COUPJCIL HELD IM VILL4GZ <br />HALL AT 8 P. E. OCTOBER 29, 1945 <br />.- <br />&our members of the council were present: Utley, %illson, Vyatt ana fr'ocid. <br />The matter of financing 'construction of lateral sewers in Setaer <br />District No. 12 mas discussed. <br />Notion to direct the villageattorney to determine legal requirements <br />for advertisements or notices for bids for special assessment <br />nrarrants of approximately $21,000 and to authorize and direct the <br />village clerk to publish at the earliest da.te possible such legal advertiseaents as are,necessary and, if no legal notices are <br />necessary, to authorize the clerk to invite bids from not less <br />than. four representative investment houses for consideration by <br />the council at its meeting of Xovember 12, 194.5, was made by titley, seconded by r?illson and carried. <br />i:otmn to direct the village attorney to prepse a written contract <br />for construction of lateral sanitary sewers ir? Sever District Bo, 12 <br />by Lametti and Lametti, the contract to be submitted to the council at its next meeting, was made by Litley, seem <br />I'fotion to adjmrn was made by Wills <br />r <' !$) <br />* W,r\ I y4 _- - / - PXINUTES OF THE SPECIAL IEETING OT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGB COUNCIL HELD UT VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 8 P, 1:. BCVl3EBER lp,. 1945 - <br />.$A <br />. All members of the council were present. <br />Public hearing was held on the subject of proposed extension of 'commercial zoning on the north side of Piftieth street to a proposed extensiori of Halifax averme and on the north side of a proposed ylem street (tent at ively called 3or ty-nint h-and-one-half str eet )west <br />' from France avenue to halifq avenue. <br />Todd opened the discussion by stating that the council and planning <br />commission had given consideration to the proposed project in an <br />effort to establish a logical geographical boundary to the btisiness <br />district and thus'stop the encroachment of business on residential <br />areas, to relieve traffic congestion in the business district by pro- viaing additional parking area and an outlet for trafficto Prance avenue and to answer thk demand for additional commercial development <br />without extending business further on Biftietl? street. <br />\ <br />Arthur Nichols, planning consultant, presented a plan of the pro- <br />posed development, showing new streets; buildings and parking areas. <br />Several persons residing on E'if tieth street and Kaple road appeared . in opposition to the project, Xembers of the delegation mho spoke in objection to the project were D. ?V. Vallace, mho stated his property would be severely danaged; J. L. Pause, mho stated a new 'business district should be started and that no further expansion of the present district should %e permitted; Arnold Raugland, who objected particularly to comercial zoning north of 49$ street; <br />C. H. Brune, and C. C. Baker. <br />Spea,king in support of the project were Abdiel Xallestad, George Hartzell, 12s. Gust Soderberg, Russell Lund and C. T. day. <br />li;embers of the council discussed possibility of acquiring a strip of land west of the proposed extension of iialifax avenue to be <br />5