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Eotion to authorize and direct the clerk to appoint election judges <br />and clerks for the village election to be held December 4, 1945, mas <br />inade by l?illson, seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />Gotion to adjourn was made by Wills <br />EllhUTES OF THE SPECIAL P3ETIBG OF THE <br />EDETA VILLAGE COUNCIL HED IN VILLAGZ <br />HALL AT 7:30 P. E. NOVEL23ER 23, 1945. I <br />Fresent: 'tTyatt , '{Tillson, Litley and Todd. <br />This meeting gas called principally for the purpose or^ discussirig <br />with br. Oscar Gaardeg, 12. Sam Thorpe and 6%. James 'i'horpe the <br />exter%ion of vater mains in the Sunnyslope addition by the Country <br />Glub ijistrict Service Company. <br />Eessrs. Yhorpe and Lr. Gaarden were in agreement that the title <br />to the mater systen in the Addition vas in the Country Club <br />District Service Coxripany and not in Thorpe 13r3thers. LLessrs. <br />I'horpe stated that since the joint conference with Llr. Perry ;-3me, they had been selling their lots on the basis that tVrater <br />IS availableti rather than "mater is in and paid for." <br />It mas I'urther stated that l'essrs. Fhorpe, in the event the Village <br />muncli. gave a permit to the Service Company to extend and complete the mater mains in Sunnyslope, would reimburse the Village for any engineering services rendered by the Village in supervising and in- specting the extension of the water nains in Sunnyslope. <br />it vas agreed by the Council members present that on the basis of a <br />gartially completed water system in the Sunn; slope Addition the Council shsuld cooperate in permitting the Country Club District Service Company to complete the system i~ithout prejudice to the <br />right of' the Village to assess back against the property owners <br />if and when the vater system is acquired by the Village. <br />Phil Smith and Kr. Gaarden mere authorized to select a site for a <br />nev pump in the vicinity of 54th Street and Prance Avenue ar,d re- <br />port back to the Council. Ere Smith was authorized to advertise <br />for bids for a police ear. <br />The meeting adjourned upon mot <br />dyatt and carried. <br />I'.INmS OB TEE REGTSISiR IIEETTBG OF THE <br />EDIlL4 VILLAGE COUTTCIL HELD E VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 8 P. ti. i:OVEBER 26, 1945 <br />A3.l members of the council were present; <br />Xotion to aprove and allow the following payrolls vJas made by JiIlson, seconded by 'Jyatt and carried: <br />,0. <br />CLAIii NO. GROSS ht"T.. V. TdX -- iioS9. E <br />Council <br />T. Z. Yoad 3655 <br />d3w er kavthorne S656 - <br />Geo. A. dillson 3657 <br />Barold Go Utley 36bU <br />Br. A, 5. Wyatt 365Y <br />5. J. Duggan 3660 <br />Dr. L. E. Campbel3. 3661 <br />Karl K. Cove11 3662 <br />itard B. Levis 3663 <br />John 53. Belson 36 64 <br />Sub- t o t a1 <br />50.00 <br />50.00 <br />35 00 <br />35,cJo <br />35 . vo <br />30.~0 <br />30.00 <br />75.00 75.00 <br />10.0o <br />425.00 <br />010 -0- <br />010 -0- <br />-0- - 0- <br />-0- -0- <br />-0- -0- -0- -0, <br />-u- -0- <br />70. -0- <br />070 -0- <br />-0- -0- <br />1.60 -0- -- <br />49 . 80 <br />45 . 30 <br />35.00 <br />35 . 00 35 . 00 <br />30,00 <br />30 00 <br />74.30 <br />74.30 <br />10.00 <br />423.40